Travel Top Things to Do in Niagara Falls

Top Things to Do in Niagara Falls


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The waterfall is the main attraction here, and there are several ways to see it: from your foot to the legendary misty maid of the boat; from the cave that can be reached by elevator from the back; the helicopter floats down from the sky; or take a look at the observation tower. One of the best trips to Niagara Falls is alternative approach to appreciate this natural wonder. But away from waterfalls, attractions in New York and Canada provide various activities to attract tourists. The area also has several family attractions, including Niagara Castle and Niagara Ferris Wheel.

Niagara Falls

1- Maid in the Mist

The main reason for visiting Niagara Falls is to visit the waterfall. One of the most memorable methods is to put on a poncho and board the maid of the mist ship. These ships have been transporting tourists to and from the bottom of the waterfall since the 1840s.

Ready to rain: Mist Maiden actually immerses you under the waterfall, but with rain gear, many people say it is one of the best ways to experience the splendor of Niagara Falls. In fact, it is one of the best guided tours in the area.

Recent tourists say that you can’t leave Niagara Falls without taking the Maid of the Mist. In addition to the incredible prospects, critics are also satisfied with the tour time (20 minutes) and the low price of tickets. According to travelers, even if you are equipped with a poncho, you should wear waterproof shoes and equipment. In order to defeat the crowd, some tourists recommend going to the attraction in the morning (the tour starts at 9 am).

2- Niagara Botanical Garden

Spend an afternoon and get lost in the Niagara Park Botanical Garden to escape waterfalls and crowds of tourists. If you love nature, then the garden is a must. On this 100-hectare site, there are dozens of well-maintained gardens maintained by the students of the on-site gardening school.

Thousands of plants are planted in the garden. In summer, you can explore the stylish garden on a guided carriage tour. In the garden, there is also a butterfly greenhouse where thousands of butterflies fly and float among the colored flowers.

Recent visitors say that visiting the butterfly garden and terrace can make the subtle atmosphere around the waterfall easy and pleasant. Critics warn that the butterfly pavilion may be overcrowded, but the garden is quiet. Travelers also recommend that you bring a camera, because the porch offers many photography opportunities. Check the Best Waterproof Camera Under $200.

3- Old Fort Niagara

If you like history, you should save time visiting the ancient town of Niagara. This 17th-century fortress is sited on the American side of the waterfall and was replaced by French, British, and American troops. This site was active in many wars, including the American Revolutionary War and the French and Indian Wars.

It is the longest operating bastion in North America. Today, this fort is located in one of the most beautiful areas in western New York, overlooking Lake Ontario and the Niagara River. Inside, you can explore the underground powder room, old barracks and old cannons. If you are looking for a more detailed story, you should definitely stay in the visitor center.

The well-preserved buildings and clean areas left a deep impression on young tourists, especially those who re-performed. Many people also said that they only had an hour to browse the site initially, but because of all the interesting presentations and displays, they stayed only half a day.

4- Niagara Canyon Conservation Area

If you need to relax among the crowd near the waterfall, visitors are advised to spend a relaxing afternoon in the Niagara Glen Nature Reserve. The nature reserve is located on Niagara Drive, on the Canadian side of the waterfall, with views of the Niagara River and its natural hot tub. It offers more than 3 km of trekking tracks through the pristine Caroline Forest.

Young tourists like to stroll through the reserve, especially when the trees start to change color in autumn. The local nature center and its supervisors also impressed the critics. From the center, visitors can also take part in a daily guided walk from May to August or camp nearby. You might also consider having a Portable Camping Sink With Pump while camping,.

5- Behind the waterfall

When driving behind a waterfall, you can stand directly behind the raging water and enjoy the natural beauty behind. The tour begins by taking the elevator to the observation deck, and then you can enjoy the beautiful sights of the Canadian Curve Waterfalls and the Niagara River. From there, tour along the cave and enjoy the roar of the waterfall from different angles. However, be prepared for the crowd: traveling behind the waterfall is one of the most standard ways to visit the waterfall. As a result, the tunnel may be very narrow.

Niagara Falls

Young tourists highly recommend the trip behind the waterfall, even if they already have a trip to the girl in the mist, because this attraction provides another interesting perspective on the waterfall. In order to avoid the crowds and enjoy the peaceful scenery, the commentator suggested visiting the attractions when it opens at 9 am. Visiting attractions through a group of guided tours is another way to avoid continuous overload.

6- Holes of wind

Many recent visitors describe the wind tunnel as “unavoidable”. After taking the 175-foot elevator to Niagara Gorge, you can walk through a series of wooden walkways that are just a few meters away from Bridal Veil Falls. Due to the impact of tropical storms, it is called “Hurricane Bridge”. Even wearing ponchos and souvenir shoes may get wet.

Young travelers don’t seem to mind visiting the wind tunnel. Visitors are amazed at how close the waterfall can reach and like to experience the big flood up close.

7- White Water Walk

If you wish to enjoy the waterfall in a more natural environment than the journey behind the “Maid of the Mist” or the waterfall, please stretch your legs for an hour or two on the “White Water Trail”. After taking a 230-foot elevator to the bottom of the canyon, you can walk a quarter of a mile and overlook the rapids of the Grand Canyon on the Canadian side of the Niagara River. Along the promenade, there are several observation areas, from which you can admire the beauty of waterfalls and turbulent vortices.

Due to disappointing short hikes, some young tourists call them “tourist traps”, while others like to observe the power of the rapids up close. Several reviewers also suggested to stop reading the signs on the boardwalk, as they provided interesting insights into the Lure signs trying to cross the river.

8- Niagara Ferris Wheel

To admire the waterfall again, visit Clifton Hill in the tourist area of ​​Ontario, Canada. There are many family attractions next to the waterfall. Here you will find the Niagara Ferris Wheel. The Niagara Ferris Wheel is considered the largest ferris wheel in Canada and provides a temperature controlled gondola that can rotate 175 feet above the waterfall. From SkyWheel, you can enjoy views of the Crescent and American Waterfalls, the Niagara River and other local attractions. The journey lasts 8 to 13 minutes.

Young tourists are very happy with the Niagara SkyWheel experience and suggest that you take a night tour to admire the waterfall of light. Many travelers called the landscape “spectacular” and said it was worth the price of this ticket.



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