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Ted Talks Discovers Where ‘the Holy Grail’ is in Valencia (Spain)


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The prestigious American platform with more than 30 million followers on You Tube has published for the first time in its history a conference dedicated to the Holy Grail.

Dr. Ana Mafé García, a world expert in the protohistory of the Holy Grail, has recorded in ‘Aula Grial of Valencia’, an immersive museum space about the Holy Grail, the video where she explains the travelling journey of this relic from the city of Jerusalem to the city of Valencia, passing through Rome.

“The Way of the Holy Grail to Valencia” is a TEDx talk by Ana Mafé García, graduate and doctor in Art History, technician in Tourism Business and Activities (TEAT); she has completed a Master’s Degree in Art History and Visual Culture and a Master’s Degree in Environmental Tourism Management: Ecotourism. She chairs the International Scientific Commission of Holy Grail Studies and is president of the Cultural Association The Way of the Holy Grail. Her doctoral thesis is published by the prestigious American publisher PROQUEST and became the book The Holy Grail. The proceeds from its sale benefit the Association. You can find it on


The Way of the Holy Grail, the Route of Knowledge, the Way of Peace is a tourist, historical and cultural route that links the Pyrenees of Huesca with the city of Valencia, crossing the entire autonomous community of Aragon from north to south.

It is the new Way of St. James of the 21st century that must be walked by all adventurers who want to discover where the Holy Grail is, the Hebrew cup of blessing that gives eternal life.


TEDxSaguntoStudio has produced its first video of a TEDx talk for the international TEDx Talks platform, which has over 30 million subscribers. Dr. Jose Gregorio Lepervanche Valencia, head of TEDxSaguntoStudio is Professor of Business Administration and Information Systems at Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ) and Colorado State University Global. He is the founding organizer of TEDxFSCJ and TEDxSaguntoStudio.

In the province of Valencia the Way of the Holy Grail has more than fifteen towns that are within the territory. These are: Algar de Palancia – Algimia de Alfara – Torres Torres – Estivella – Albalat dels Taronchers – Sagunto – Puçol – El Puig de Santa Maria – La Puebla de Farnals – Massamagrell – Emperor – Albuixech – Albalat Dels Sorells – Meliana – Alboraya and Valencia.

Torres Torres has, as main elements of historical heritage, the ruins of the medieval castle and the Arab baths. The landscape that accompanies the Way of the Holy Grail, the Route of Knowledge, and the Way of Peace until reaching Sagunto is surrounded by irrigated fields. In the middle of the valley, runs the Palancia river crossed by a Roman bridge. In the distance you can see the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Sagunto, a millenary city, is also part of the cities along the Way of the Holy Grail in the province of Valencia. The Ermita de la Sang has a replica of the Holy Grail of the Cathedral of Valencia and a fresco on the ceiling where this relic appears. The whole town is surrounded by a wonderful medieval castle.


Massamagrell is the last town on the road before reaching the Cathedral of Valencia. It has a wonderful monastery with one of the most visited libraries by researchers from all over the world, three museums and a Christian temple that has more than four hundred years of history.

The Holy Grail celebrates a Jubilee Year in perpetuity every 5 years. It is located in the Chapel of the Holy Chalice in the Cathedral of Valencia. This year 2021 is a Jubilee year until Thursday, October 28th.

To see the Holy Grail and its path we recommend watching this video.

It shows a production of ‘Visit Valencia’ where an actor reinterprets the fictional character of Indiana Jones in a thrilling adventure in search of the Holy Grail.

A video that invites you to travel to Valencia and explore it too. To be excited by this knowledge and realize that all human beings have a unique way to discover the Way of the Holy Grail, the Way of Knowledge, the Way of Peace.

We are grateful to the Diputación de Valencia for the means it has made available to the Asociación Cultural El Camino del Santo Grial to make the Holy Grail known throughout the world and to Holy Grail Media – José Cuñat.

As Dr. Mafé says, we invite everyone to walk, ride a horse or a bicycle, to get to know the Holy Grail, the most sought-after relic of the Western Middle Ages! The Hebrew cup of blessing that Jesus held between his fingers and in which he left us all his love.

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