TravelFeeling Foreign in Morocco Adventures

Feeling Foreign in Morocco Adventures


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“How people fall in love in mysterious ways,

Maybe just a touch of a hand,

We are falling in love with u every single day,

I just wanna tell you that…

Take me into your loving arms….”

Ed Sheeran

Feeling Foreign in Morocco Adventures

Imagine you are listening to this song while sitting at the beachfront or on the top of a mountain and watching the sunrise from the ashes of the night again?

I want to do that every day and I know so do you. But being an ecstatic traveller, I feel more joy travelling on my own or with a group of friends.

I know we all can get pretty much scared off when it comes to travelling to foreign lands.

I have my share of fears and expectations as well but then with time and constant travelling, I tried to overcome as many as possible.

Even our life is like a journey, so we need to make the best out of it.

So keeping all those fears aside I tried listing down some of them that actually had me scared when I travelled to Morocco (a crazy idea I got from a friend) and it was hilarious it turned out.

With all the different culture, people, weather (definitely) and as such I felt out of comfort zone but that’s just where the fun time began for me with all the fears toeing the edge of my sanity during my cheap stay at Morocco with Virikson.

Well not to be afraid guys! It’s pretty much normal to be anxious about a new place so this list of mine will help you recognize your fears of holiday destinations

What’s the Fear?

First things first, chop up your seat belts and read on while munching some snacks (to keep yourself calm) to know what you exactly fear when thinking about travelling.

I know you need a break from your daily ritual but being too concerned with all the WHY’s you are not living up to your full potential.


To fear about something (regardless of any preconceived notion) is known as “Hodophobia”. You decided to go on a beautiful trip with your partner and now you are chickening out, having the cold feet because you are losing all of your cool about travelling. Don’t you dare drown yourself in the senseless fears (well, most of the time anyway)?

Getting Out of Comfort Zone

I love staying at home too. Having an eventful routine is such a comfort that if you even want to go on a friend’s night out you cancel at the last moment and just watch Netflix yeah I have done that too) but that’s what we need change first chance we get.

Breaking that comfort zone is letting go of the first fear.

You can’t grow in the comfort zone, break your bubble.

Getting Lost on the Way

This is utterly common among amateur travellers. So sit back and relax and have a mocha.

When I travelled the first time to North Africa, Morocco, I was having jitters when I landed. I’m familiar with the airport’s procedures so that wasn’t a problem in itself but when I got out I thought I have entered a whole different place.

The hustle and bustle of the city, Marrakech, announced the rush hour of the day but what really boggled my mind was the entrée of the taxi drivers!

After a fifteen minute haggling, the price of the choice that both myself and the driver agreed on I literally almost got lost on the streets. Sometimes relying on Google maps is just not enough, you need to use your sense of direction as well. But somehow I made it to the hostel I had booked in advance.

Hostel experience (Better or Worse)

Well travelling on a budget and wanting to visit as many places as possible makes you want to cut expenses on your living accommodations. The cheaper the better. And yes the hostels are one way to live through your travelling experience.

What if you decide to go camping? Plumbing is not out there you know? So keep certain uncertainties in mind just as a mental siren to your fears. Living in hostel seemed to be a comfortable experience so far as I had three other roommates as well. And we had an air-conditioned and free breakfast too! so it was good for me.

Stuttering at Language Barrier

Well, that one can be a trouble if you are completely out of your zone. I admit it. But when you are planning to go travel to someplace where their official language is other than your mother tongue than simply learns the basic phrases.


Like hello, goodbye, how are you, fine thank you and so on…such phrases will help you locate and interact with people in a better way.  I have seen people speaking Arabic in certain movies and yes learning a different dialect can be helpful in other situations as well.

Language is a barrier that can be broken by humble gestures and smile on your face (not too friendly) and a high spirit to travel.


Getting Robbed in Dark Alley

You must have seen in movies (again) a beautiful lonely girl is walking the streets at night and grabs her coat tight shivering from the cold. And from out of nowhere a man jumps in front of her, a blade in his hand and asks for the wallet…

Well, a simple suggestion to avoid that is not to travel alone during the night time (even if you are back home) well because it’s obvious (duh).

Even if you are travelling solo make sure to stay in crowds. You could be open to threat of getting robbed but keep your money in front zip belt and never in your back pocket guys and as far as my beloved sisters are concerned carry a satchel wear it across your shoulder (precaution of getting snatched) and even than make sure your cash and other important cards are in the inner pocket of the bag.

Running out of Budget

Even the best of planners of us all can face this trouble no matter the planning.

To avoid hassling of money always keep extra cash in your account so that you can have it cash out whenever you need it. Keep a ledger of purchases you made and other expenses.


Often it happens that we don’t count misc. expenses we have to make out of necessity and well, you need to be fully prepared in advance. Always divide the cash and you can easily keep an eye on the extent of spending money.

See? Wasn’t so hard now was it? Travelling is fun time either solo or with friends or family just don’t let your fear strand you from the rest of the group.

Get a grip on our fears and might ascend to Mt. Everest even!

It’s all about facing the challenges in the best way possible.


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