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Are You Moving to Another State? Here is how to Take Care of Your Pet


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When you decide on moving or traveling to another state or country, there are many things you need to stay prepared and arrange for—starting from getting the reservations, packing, and many more things. These things get even more challenging to manage when you are solely responsible for taking on every move required for setting a move. When you are moving to another state, there are many things you must prepare yourself to adjust. There can be a vast difference in culture, law, and lifestyle.

Dog care

You must get extra cautious when planning to move along with your pet and, hence, must start with the research to know everything required at the new destination. There are many states which allow the entry of a pet only after document verification. They might require a health certificate approved by a verified veterinary or a vaccination report proving, your pet has not infested any pests. They are required to be assured if your pet is no threat to people and other animals.

You can always hire an agent or take help from a pet transportation company who could help you get all the necessary documents prepared; from the certificates to the permits, they can be an upper hand you are looking forward to easing. You can also hire a pet transporting agency to get your pet safe from the chaos involved in moving. The transporting agencies take a huge responsibility in providing door to door service where they come and pick up your pet and take care of it, including the feeding and transportation, and then drop it back to the destination. They also take care of all the formalities required in moving to the new state for your pet and also book the air tickets if needed on your behalf. You can always go with a trusted name that has a record of successful deliveries around the globe.

Dog care

Here are a few tips you can follow when moving to another state all by yourself, with your pet and how to take care of it:

1. If you are planning to drive to the location by road, you must make sure you have a vehicle in perfect condition. To ensure yourself with the condition, you must get your vehicle checked before a few days of moving to avoid yourself from mid-journey crises. Things might get really difficult to manage in the middle of any problem that occurs related to the vehicle breakdown, especially when you have a company of an innocent pet.

2. If your pet is traveling for the first time, you need to be careful regarding all the safety measures. When animals come across different surroundings and circumstances, they start acting differently, because they are usually scared of changes. When you come across a sudden change in behavior, it becomes difficult to get things under control. To avoid this, you can take your pet to a small drive and see all things you need to fix. You must always take special care of the fastening belt as, many times, if that is too tight or loose, it makes the animals very uncomfortable. The more comfortable your pet stays during the journey, the easier it will be to drive through the path.

3. When you purchase a carrier for your pet, you must get a perfect fit for it. The carriage must always be large enough to provide a space for your pet to easily stand and take a small stroll around, but it should not be larger than that. The carriage must also have a space to place two bowls inside; one for the food and another for water. It must also have a durable handle to provide ease for the transporters to carry it. Mostly it is specified as a given size of 21″ ” long*18″ ” wide*8″ “high as an ideal size.

4. The identification tags and microchips are also crucially important and cannot be missed at any given time. These two act as a low-cost tracking device that helps get your pet back if you lose it or if it is stolen. The microchip helps detect the live location of your pet and identification helps the person who finds it, to return it.

5. If you are planning to make a trip by air, you must make the reservations in advance as there are many airlines which have just limited seats reserved for pets and if delayed, you might not get the seat for your pet. You must also contact them and ask for the required formalities to be done before boarding with a pet. Many airlines have a reservation for a service dog and provide a free air ticket travel in exchange for its service to a blind or deaf person in the airport premises. If you own a service dog, you can avail of this offer.


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