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5 Reasons Dubai Is the International Holiday City of All Times


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Hear me out when I say, Dubai is an all-time favorite city for international travelers! There was a time when Dubai was just a gigantic desert city now it’s like an oasis in the middle of the desert. No doubt Dubai has come far far away from the old times to modern times. Since it’s a hub for all the luxurious and trending spots, it comes as no surprise why it has become one the most popular cities in the world.

Pandemic has given a hard time to Dubai as the major revenues were based on the tourist industry. But even pandemics cannot dampen the reasons why we fell in love with Dubai in the first place right?

For starters, Dubai is home to perfect attractions and landmarks and oh the skyscrapers! It’s a magnificent city, one of its kind.

So to recall all the good memories we have listed the coolest reasons worth remembering all the quality perks of vacationing in Dubai!

Discover the Skyscrapers!

Oh my, isn’t the tall buildings an architectural fantasy of every builder? It seems like the architectural minds have shown the greatest levels of skills in the shape of the tallest and most creative building designs in Dubai. No doubt Burj Khalifa at one point made history with its D-shaped structure. Now Burj-Al Khalifa has become the tallest building in the world known to mankind! Only if to those gorgeous buildings we could rush right away to visit every cool architectural example.

Undoubtedly the bundlings in Dubai are something to look forward to whenever you plan a vacation.

Crazy Shopping

The Dubai shopping festival is one of the major highlights for every vacationer. Whether you want to buy the latest bags, dresses, or even the latest collection of rings in Dubai, you can find everything at this shopping festival. Dubai Mall is roughly only 5-10 minutes away from the rest of the city and the extravaganza displays will make you go crazy.

The sales and discounts on all products are eccentrically cheaper thus the reason why people go crazy every time at this point. The mall is split into a variety of sections that consists of shops and restaurants, multiplex movie theaters, ice-skating rink, and other intriguing entertainment areas. So when you get tired of the crazy shopping experience you can take a breather.

Heaven of Hotels

With a large number of tourists that used to come every year (until the pandemic arrived), you could find the best hotels that met your requirements. With more than 700 hotels and luxury accommodations to choose from Dubai makes you feel welcome.

Vacationing experience in the hotels is worth mentioning here. Family-friendly hotels like Atlantis, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and Nikki Beach Resort, etc provides a spectacular view that every guest loves. Some hotels are even acquainted with the waterparks too! So if it were a summer holiday you’d make it watery fun.

Desert Adventures are Ecstatic!

Is the Dubai tour complete without the richness of desert safari? Absolutely not. If you have been to Dubai before, you’d know exactly the adrenaline rush you had while sand surfing or riding the camels and enjoying the breezy bonfires under the starry sky. People love the idea of vacationing and being able to enjoy the splendid outdoor adventures of the desert too. Even dune bashing is one of the craziest and exciting experiences to have on the towering waves of sands that stretch for good long miles. Or if you could opt for a more subtle experience on a hot air balloon ride at dawn too.

Culinary Experience

Dining and dating? Yes please! Dubai is a hot spot for cool and mystique looking restaurants and chic cafes by the beach or at the rooftop. People love the idea of traditional food cuisines fused with international flavors. Restaurants and cafe themes in Dubai are super creative and innovative in interior designs which have always been a spectacle of their own. Whether you are an American or a french traveler, you can enjoy the culinary experience in grand restaurants and open beach cafes with fancy food menus.

In my experience, traditional street food is one of the must-haves to try! The traditional tea (kawah) and the blend of aromatic spices make the traditional recipes even more mouthwatering.

An adventure in Dubai is incomplete without its food experience!

Don’t You Agree?

Dubai is an entourage of mesmerizing locations, history, tradition, and culture. Most importantly the diverse populations make vacationing or casual traveling quite easier for international travelers. So when your next Dubai adventure will begin?


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