Travel5 Perfect Halal Holiday Destinations in Europe

5 Perfect Halal Holiday Destinations in Europe


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When it comes to Europe, our first thought is that European countries tend to be hardly Halal-friendly and Muslims are generally afraid they won’t be able to find either Halal holidays spot or Halal food. But the reality is that there are spots that offer opportunities for Muslims to enjoy their holidays while protecting the sanctity of their beliefs. It is a fact that there is no place you can’t visit in Europe as a Muslim.

There are some perfect Halal Holiday destinations in Europe waiting to be discovered

People are generally unaware of these cool spots. So, today we have decided to unveil these holiday destinations for our Muslim brothers and sisters who aspire to spend their holidays in Halal resorts. Here we have created a collection of the most Halal-friendly European cities and countries rich with Muslim heritage and where you can comfortably enjoy your leisure time and make the most out of it. At these Halal destinations, you can easily find spots that are free of nudity, music, alcohol, and pork, and the best thing is they are the least Islamophobia.

Compiled below is a list of the most underrated Muslim-friendly Halal destinations

  1. Sofia, Bulgaria


Let’s begin our exploration from Sofia, Bulgaria. Bulgaria has remained home to countless Muslim empires. Bulgaria is home to plenty of Muslim monuments dating back to the Ottoman Empire’s days. The country is rich with natural sceneries that add to its aesthetics. It offers some of the best trekking paths

The atmosphere in Bulgaria is welcoming and hospitable for Muslim travelers. You won’t be the only girl walking with a Hijab or Abaya in the streets of Bulgaria. You will even hear friendly Salam everywhere.

There is plenty to explore in the city rich with Islamic heritage. If you love skiing, then you can pay a visit to Bansko for a wonderful experience.

Moving onto the food section, if you are wondering where you would find Halal food, then here is a list of restaurants that offer food that is not only Halal but also matchless in its taste. There is a restaurant named Punjabi Food Restaurant that offers Asian cuisine and spicy Punjabi culinary. Then there is the Turkish restaurant, Avrasia near Sofia Centre. You can easily find mosques where you can offer your prayers. Flights to Sofia start from as little as 20 pounds.

  1. Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the most popular Muslim-friendly destinations and is perfect for a Muslim Halal Holiday. You can easily find both Halal hotels and Halal food in Cyprus

The South of Cyprus is famous for its beauty. The country is bordered by Turkey, one of the most Islamic countries in the world. Located in The Mediterranean Sea, the beauty of this beautiful Island nation is pretty captivating, and there are several things that Muslim travelers can enjoy there.

Despite its small size, Cyprus is popular with a rich historical past and cultural heritage and is home to shimmering white-sand beaches. You can easily find chains of Halal restaurants in Cyprus as well as other Islamic landmarks such as Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque. In Paphos, there is no difficulty being comfortable in a Hijab, and you can see several Muslim families enjoying their holidays.

Some of the famous Halal restaurants include Armenia Halal, Byblos Restaurant, and the famous Syrian restaurant named Sawa. Moreover, finding a good hotel in Cyprus is never an issue as you can find places starting from as little as £40 per night.

  1. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is rightly considered one of the most underrated Muslim-friendly tourist destinations in the world. It offers some of the best Halal travel destinations.

Immerse yourself in the rich history of this country while you explore its mesmerizing beauty that leaves visitors spellbound.

You can start your journey from the world-famous Stari Most which is one of the most beautiful bridges in the world. Apart from that, the Blgaj village also deserves a visit.

Around 30% of the population is Muslim which makes it relatively simpler to explore and find Halal restaurants with Muslim owners. Halal Hotels in Sarajevo are rather easy to find and they also provide Halal food spots such as the Malak Regency hotel and Pino Nature hotel. Several tour companies offer all-inclusive packages that traveling enthusiasts can utilize and make their summer great.

  1. Kazan, Russia

When it comes to tourism in Russia, the first spots that come to mind are Saint Petersburg and Moscow. But little do we know that Kazan has much to offer and is predominantly a Halal Holiday destination with a Muslim majority population.

The spot where Europe meets Asia, rich history from both continents. It is recommended to visit the city in summer because in winter the temperatures can drop to minus 12 degrees centigrade. It is a small city and you can probably cover it perfectly with a walk. Walking also gives a great opportunity to explore the Islamic heritage with gorgeous mosques that surround the city. Kazan is home to the famous Qolsharif Mosque, which was once the biggest in Europe.

Halal food in Kazan is never a problem and several restaurants and hotels offer it so going hungry is a no-no. Gulfstream Hotel in Kazan is a popular halal hotel that offers halal food as well as ladies-only swimming pool hours.

  1. Cordoba, Spain


What’s the first thing that comes to find when you hear the word “Cordoba”?

Even the non-Muslims would relate that the first intuition is usually the Great Mosque of Cordoba. The city has remained a major Islamic center in the middle ages and served as the Muslim capital of the Umayyad dynasty.

While planning a visit to Cordoba make sure you visit the famous Alcazar gardens, Viana Palace and the Museo Romero de Torres. You can easily find Halal food restaurants in Cordoba such as Restaurante “Bocaito Andalusí Halal”, Restaurante Damasquino and Casa Mazal.


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