TechTop 10 SEO-Friendly Content Writing Tips to Outrank Competitors

Top 10 SEO-Friendly Content Writing Tips to Outrank Competitors


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You cannot expect search engines to rank your website if your content has zero value, is wafer-thin, and lacks the best SEO practices. Gone are the days when marketers worked on content quantity over quality. From submitting mass content on websites to third-party sites, all marketers cared about was to keep the flow going without caring much about the people who would read it.

The new SEO content practices state that even search engines prefer content that users prefer first. Thus, what a brand has to do now is to curate content that appeals to users and crawlers both.

So unless you are heading in that direction, you can’t find a way to outrank your competitors.

Top 10 SEO-Friendly Content Writing Tips to Outrank Competitors

Here’s How These 10 SEO Content Writing Tips Can Make A Difference?

Find the right set of keywords

If you do not have the right keywords you can never show up against a user query. Thus, knowing the tools to find keywords is essential. Also, finding keywords, which have high search volume and low SEO difficulty is by far the best approach.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is when you insert keywords in every alternate line. The search algorithm will consider it spam and will never show it to any user because they prefer users to find only quality content.

Check keyword density

Keyword density is one factor that shouldn’t be skipped. For content as long as 1000 words, include keywords at least 3-4 times evenly throughout.

Placement of keywords matters

Keywords should not be placed randomly but as per the algorithm. Keywords should be present in H1, H2 & H3 headings. The main keyword should be in the first line of the first paragraph and alt tags of images.

Relevance of content with the audience

Content relevancy is one thing that is basic but most people choose to ignore it. If a user is looking for information on SEO and opens a web link that talks about content strategies then it will waste users’ time and they will lose their trust on the website too. Again if the search engine detects this exciting pattern then they will never show it against a user query.

Types of keywords

There are exact match keywords, long-tail keywords, LSI keywords, etc. Choosing the type of keyword depends on how much time and budget you have. Exact keywords will take a good amount of time to rank but long-tail keywords are still easy.

Write user-friendly content

A well-written content should be easy to read, with small paragraphs and clean sentences (avoiding complex vocabulary). This reduces the existing rate of a visitor on a website. The more engaging and user-friendly the content the more visitors will stick around.

Back your content with links or source

If you have quoted a piece of information, add the link of the source. If the link has high or equal domain authority than your website, you will get benefits. Also, if the information is based on solid grounds your audience will build a sense of trust and loyalty towards your brand.

Do adequate research

SEO content means that a user finds what it came for. Thus, the content has to be backed by good research, or let’s say credible research. If the facts are outdated then a user is likely to leave or get filled up with wrong information. Thus, while writing, a writer must look for sources that have high domain authority or page authority.

Understand search intent

Last but not the least, a writer must understand the search intent. It is important to understand what a user is looking for then it is the responsibility of a brand to provide information on it. A user searches mainly for four reasons.

First, it is looking for an answer or information. Second, he wants to take action such as buy or download. Third, it is looking to visit a source for validation.

Lastly, it wants to visit a particular location. If you can answer one of these intentions directly then there is no reason search engines will not favor you. Crawlers always look for addresses or web links that meet most of a query or are at least closest to it. So before writing the content, understand which category your user belongs to and then try answering it with your content.



When you and your competitor both are aiming for the top position of the search engine, outranking each other’s content can be challenging. The person with knowledge and execution can only win this. Thus, it’s best to hire a content writing company that has complete mastery on SEO content and can help you outrank your competitor. Contact today and get an SEO edge for your content and business.


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