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How to Set Up a Digital Antenna: Getting a Crystal-Clear Picture


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With the rapidly growing popularity of streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, people are getting creative and taking the road formerly less traveled and taking television into their own hands.

Would you love to cut the cord and ditch cable television, but don’t want to lose access to the local channels you love? Antennas are making a comeback and are just the solution you are looking for.

Check out our guide to first understand how to properly install your antenna to ensure that you receive as many channels as possible and maintain a high-quality signal and crystal-clear picture.

A Few Antenna Quick Facts

Don’t be under the common misconception that antennas are backward thinking. Gone are the old days of archaic rabbit ears. They have come a very long way since then and deserve acknowledgment for the possibilities provided.

They offer channel access opportunities to anyone with any budget and the same cannot be said for high-priced cable.


One of the most important notes to take regarding old school analog vs digital of today’s world is that only modern digital antennas are capable of picking up both analog and digital channels.

So if you were thinking about setting up your old-fashioned analog you have lying around, you may want to reconsider and invest in newer technology.

How to Set Up a Digital Antenna

Before you jump into setting up your digital antenna, you’ll want to ensure you take the proper installation steps to avoid TV reception issues and get the most out of your equipment. Follow these tips and tricks to successfully install, then enjoy!

Choose an Unobstructed Location

When looking for the best location, you’re aiming for the area on your home that has the least amount of potential interference such as buildings or large landscape features like hills.

Now obviously you cannot move your house to completely avoid some potential interference, but making your best effort to control what you can yield the best results.

Face the Right Direction

After the location is settled, the digital antenna direction is crucial. Antennas used for television reception have a directional pattern in which transmission occurs. To optimize results, you want to point your antenna towards your local transmitter.

Scan for Available Channels

Once the antenna is in place, it’s time to see the results. Perform a channel scan from your television. When the scan is complete, you can use your remote as you normally would to see the results on the digital antenna channel guide.

The entire process is trial and error, even after installation. If you are not getting a wide-range of channels, try repositioning your antenna and performing a channel scan.

Here’s to You, Cord Cutter

Now that you know the basics of how to set up a digital antenna, it should be smooth sailing from here! Sit back and enjoy saving money while browsing the digital antenna TV guide and watching your favorite shows.

It’s liberating knowing that you have control over where your money is going. Here’s to you, cord cutter.

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