TechHow to Boost Tech Marketing

How to Boost Tech Marketing


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With 2020, and its numerous challenges, it’s high time that we start thinking about 2021, and how to optimize your marketing strategy for the year ahead.

Digital Marketing has many creative app developers and entrepreneurs that keep evolving up with new tools. The amount of innovation in digital marketing is astounding, and you get to explore new tools and methods every year.

And you apparently should experiment, if you want to stay ahead of the competition. In this industry, change, and creativity always wins over big resources.

Here are marketing ways that technology makers are facing today — and takeaways on how to return to boost marketing outcomes in 2021.

Research of Product

Because of the pandemic and data security concerns, consumers now spend more time researching products before deciding any decision. More than 35% spend more time clearly explaining the expected Return Of Investment, 33% of buyers spend more time studying about products, and 33% spend more time analyzing the products than they did before the pandemic. What’s added, the average buyer works an average of nearly seven information sources to make a buying decision, a 35% increase from 2019 to 2020.

Buyers’ analysis also includes their security and acquiescence concerns. Over 49% said they consumed time preparing further research to guarantee new products meet their data security demands.

Do not forget that, when analyzing information resources, analyst rankings and reports may be losing their power to influence buyers. The research found that only 20% of tech consumers use them. For example, 45% of buyers seek out user reviews during their purchasing course. Produce a full range of content to assure your organization is providing the information Business to Business possibilities are seeking when they are exploring new technology products.

Update buyer personas to follow the new rules of B2B marketing. Increase the frequency of publishing posts on your blog. Move out into your business to find guest posting possibilities on other blogs. Plan to develop your content library to combine a wider variety of in-depth content. Attempt to build content that changes, including information that trains customers and showcases your thought leadership. Produce content that gives your products’ security and yielding capabilities.

tips to boost tech marketing

Online Overhaul

While experienced generations typically explore new products from their own prior experience with merchants, Millennials are about twice as likely to discover new products by proactively managing early-stage online researches beyond the marketplace.

Plan for Millennials to take charge of purchasing choices by making sure your product or service has an influence online presence. It will also help non-Millennials who must now conduct more product research online than ever before. Prioritize your web appearance, including on review websites, so customers find your solutions while doing their independent buying research. Make sure information about your product is easily accessible across all online platforms, particularly the ones that more modern consumers prefer.

Focus on delivering the three things younger prospects value most: quickness, clarity, and expertise. Overhaul your website by making any buyer frustrations, such as trouble finding information, overly long system processes, and technological glitches. Restore your social media by securing your team releases consistent, relevant, and thoughtful content that is valuable to younger consumers. Give time to design an SEO strategy that complements your content strategy to better secure your online content is spotted and recognized.

Information Resources

Technology vendors essentially rely on three methods to market their products: marketing security, case studies, and consumer recommendations. However, customers regularly use information resources in the initial stages of making their purchasing decisions: output demos, websites, user reviews, vendor rep communications, and free trial proposals.

92% of customers who use reviews receive them with at least one other person, and 2 in 5 buyers who utilize B2B tech reviews share them with four or more other purchasing committee members.

Invest in the support buyers rely on to beef up your tech marketing program, including spending sources on making up user reviews, marketing free trial offers, and managing sales reps to associate with prospects. Note that when it comes to user reviews, what consumers today care more about is the review content. They are less concerned with a product’s score.

To advertise user reviews, you have to go out and request them. Begin by targeting usual customers, who are likely happy with your products and services. Present several options for posting reviews; so they can give reviews where they are most comfortable, such as on Linkedin, Facebook, and others. Proposal incentives for giving reviews, such as special offers, discounts, and perks.


Since the arrival of the coronavirus, more consumers want self-service choices on their client journey. Self-serve and remote communications have made it more comfortable for buyers to get information, take orders, and provide service. More than 87% of customers want self-serve tools, while 57% of users already make purchase judgments without ever talking with a vendor agent.

Present buyers with more self-service alternatives to help support virtual product buying and decrease unnecessary disputes during their online purchasing method. These include do-it-yourself product demos and the capacity to purchase products with only a credit card. Execute video marketing to put a face to your brand, and give possibilities insights into your app development company and team. Host virtual meetings to increase the sales process, including  Zoom meetings, webinars, and Q and A sessions.

Millennial Customers

Software vendors manage to create marketing programs for maturer buyers. However, 60% of all B2B technology users are Millennials (age 25 to 39).

To sell successfully to your target audience, you need to know what makes them tick. The audiences used devices all of their lives; don’t know a moment before tech ruled the world. They see within inauthentic sales messages and acknowledge authentic content. They won’t respond well to outbound marketing techniques, but inbound resonates with their awareness. They expect in-depth commodity information that prioritizes them and their requirements.

Final Words

Above mentioned tips are important for digital marketing agencies. Creating these changes to your organization’s digital marketing techniques could help better position your organization to sell your technology products in 2021 and over.


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