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How Portable Laptop Bed Table Helps in Removing Back Pain


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People nowadays are consuming more time by looking at the screen, either for work or entertainment. When it comes to lower back pain or neck pain the first thing a doctor asks is in which posture you use your laptop or computer. Doctors suggest that if someone is using a laptop or desktop for more than 2 hours, they should position their laptop or desktop so that their eye level is one-third down to the screen. It is more important for those who are already in shoulder pain, neck pain, or lower back pain.

Why Laptops are Bad For The Posture:

Mostly, we place our heads in a way so that our eyes get the best position to look at the screen. A common practice while using a laptop is to place the screen lower than the eye level. To have a better view we tend to bend our head down and forward. This makes the shoulder raise and leans forward which causes muscle pain in the frontal area of the neck and the chest. This Posture reduces the natural support of the neck and back.

People normally don’t pay heed to how they are sitting when using the laptop. Whether you are using it for work, browsing the internet, or social media, or whatever reason they use the laptop for. After continuously using the laptop we start to notice that neck and back pain begins to appear.

portable laptop bed

How Can Portable Laptop Bed Table Helps with Back Pain:

When you adjust the laptop screen to one-third down of eye level your head will be at the best position. You will be relaxed, there are many things to consider to get an optimal posture but using the Portable Laptop Table is an excellent start.

The problem that many people face with Portable laptop tables is their weight. Usually, people work on laptops so that they can travel easily from one place to another with their laptops.

The portable Laptop stand provides you the best solution for back pain. It is light in weight and strong. It also adjusts to sitting and standing heights and fits any laptop. No assembly required, it is ready to go right out of the box.

  1. – Foldable E-Laptop Table Computer Table Floor table. 
  2. – Foldable Laptop Stand for bed and office use,
  3. – Large Bed Tray: The folding size of our laptop desk is 23’’x16’’x 17’’. 

Things to consider when Buying a portable laptop table

A portable laptop table is available in the market in all budgets, but when it comes to purchasing you should consider these things:

If you’re unsure which one to purchase, consider the following factors:

  1. The size of the table matches the size of your laptop
  2. Adjustable
  3. Look
  4. Instability
  5. Cost
  6. Weight


If you use the laptop without any table or support you will start getting neck pain, shoulder pain, or lower back pain. So, that’s why here we are with the portable laptop table which helps you adjust your laptop according to your need. A portable laptop table is light in weight and you can easily adjust the height of the table. It is designed for all sizes of laptops.


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