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How Covid-19 Will Transform The Landscape Of E-commerce And Last Mile Delivery?


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The year 2020 is like a battle time for the whole world. Almost all regions of the Earth are struggling against the COVID 19 epidemic. The scientist and medical team of developing and developed nations are researching day and night to find out the vaccine. This epidemic not only disturbs the normal life of humanity, but also leaves the profession in the dark. The impact of coronavirus on on-demand delivery industry is also much negative.

The best solution to solve out this hard time is changing the working pattern. The same applies to the E-commerce market. The last-mile delivery companies are following the smart and secure pattern to beat the Corona time. Thanks to the delivery scheduling software for giving a roadmap of profit.

covid 19 ecommerce

As most of the physical stores are shut down online shopping is the only solution for daily needs. Now, most of the e-Commerce companies are full filling the basic needs. This helps people to get their product while staying at home. 

Impact of COVID 19 on the retail and other business:

COVID 19 interrupted the basic business flow and brings out a huge downfall. According to the National Association of British Markets (NABMA), 40% of the physical store could shut down. The same condition is there in the USA where small and mid-size retailers are struggling hard in this crisis.

But, the condition on the online shopping is a little bit reverse. The online orders in Canada and the USA have increased by 129% in the month of April. Including the grocery category, e-commerce delivery app is full filling all the basic demand of the consumer. This is the case when social distancing is the most important for safety.

To fulfill, the demand of consumers, the last-mile delivery in the retail industry is adopting a new scenario. Even some e-commerce companies have tied up with ride-sharing companies to make the delivery faster. This helps them in managing the delivery.

In the USA the Amazon and Lyft have made a business relationship. This proved to be mutually beneficial because Amazon had a lack of manpower and Lyft had a loss in riding.

The impact could also be seen in developing countries like India. The online food delivery during coronavirus also started grocery items. Some of the food delivery apps like Zomato and Swiggy started delivering the grocery items. This helps these companies to expand their business.

The E-commerce sector is also following the smart approach to ensuring safety. E-Commerce Delivery software is also playing an important role in this situation. Companies must ensure that the software’s are based on the latest technological era. 

Changing behaviour:

No doubt the COVID 19 has shut down many physical stores, but bring out customers to E-commerce. Most of the people will love to do online shopping. The Last-mile delivery solution is the best way to avoid the physical contact. This helps e-commerce companies gain new opportunities.

It is not clear that this will be continuing forever or not. But the current situation could be long-lasting. About 70% of people in the USA avoid going into malls and shopping streets.

Every Ecommerce is on the way to follow the changing pattern. The way of the profession and earning has been changed due to this global epidemic. E-commerce has to follow a changing business model. This could let them survive in this tough time. 

What challenges E-commerce is facing?

During the time when online shopping is in high demand, there is another condition where e-Commerce is facing challenges. In this hard time, most of the companies are struggling hard to maintain their customer relationship. Moreover, in the competition, they have to adopt the best real-time delivery tracking system and other software’s. Some other issues are as follows.  

  • Shortage of warehouse:This is the most common challenge which every e-Commerce faces. Even the reputed last-mile delivery company could face this problem. The shortcoming in the warehouse could bring out a hard time for the company.
  • The safety measures: The most important factor during COVID 19 epidemic time is ensuring the safety. This is not only important for your staff, but also important for your end customer. The logistic companies have to ensure that their each and every item to be sanitized well before the end delivery.
  • Shortage of products: The hike in online shopping has given out the shortage of product availability. It could be a common scenario where an e-commerce company lack of product. This could leave out a bad impact on the customer. On the other hand, it is also a challenge for a company to make availability of each and every product.
  • Full filling the demand: The COVID 19 era compels people to go to the supermarket. To full fill their basic demand for daily life, online shopping is like a boon. Yet, most of the e-Commerce companies are facing a challenge to full fill the daily demand of the huge population. This is the common challenge which most of the companies are facing.
  • Ensuring the safety of Staff: The work from home concept is what most of the companies are adopting at this moment. This is the same case in E-commerce companies whose employees are working from home. However, this brings out some shortcomings and slower productivity to the level. The company must do a regular screening of employees working at the place.

Solutions for the above challenges:

For any e-commerce company, it is not impossible to solve out above challenges. Some of them are as follows.

  • Sanitize the items: It is the responsibility of a company to sanitize each item. From the time of dispatching to reaching in the hands of the end consumer, every item should be safe. For the grocery and food products, the company should follow the contactless approach. Also, the company must provide sanitization to the employees.
  • Follow the smart approach: When the demand is high, it is difficult for companies to manage it. Here the technologically based concept is working well. A smart approach could solve out the high demand and supply. Meanwhile, this will keeps retaining your existing customers.
  • Contactless:In every process, there should be a contactless approach. The traditional signing of the receipt should also be replaced with digital signing. The same concept should follow during the payment. Every customer should follow the cashless payment to avoid the touching and spread of the virus.
  • Increase the number of warehouses:To full fill the demand of consumers, the warehouse should be located in the densely populated area. This makes the delivery fast and ensures the meeting of supplies. Also, ensure that every warehouse should have all number of items which are in high demand.

What traditional retailers can do in this situation?

In this epidemic time when the whole world is struggling hard, the traditional retailer could follow some basic modification. By making an online presence, traditional retailers can survive. The customization is also important in this scene. Every customer loves to use customize last-mile delivery optimization software. This even hikes the grocery sales 1 to 2%. On the other hand, the marketing cost can also be reduced to 10 to 20%.

The other factors like advertisement, inventory and payment process should also be digitalized. In this scenario, there is a requirement of technical experts. This gives out automation in the process and making the fast operation. Even the Route optimization for delivery tracking should also be upgraded.

What next E-commerce should follow?

corona business

Taking the consideration of the current situation every e-commerce company must focus on the online presence. The robust approach of online marketing could only give out a high profit. Along with smart last-mile optimization software, the e-Commerce company should take the help of digital marketing experts.

Rather than investing in traditional methods for publicity, companies must invest in digital marketing. A mixture of the right mindset and a smooth roadmap could give transform the loss into new opportunities.

The e-Commerce companies should work on their website too. Make sure that whatever the product the customer is searching should come on the screen. The websites loading speed should be up to the mark because in the corona time the customer will not wait for long.

On the other hand, emphasis should be given to the employees’ health and personal hygiene. Proper training should be given to workers on sanitization. Moreover, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should be given to them.

Give the delivery boy the best last-mile route optimization solution. This helps to deliver the product to the end-user within the time. Ultimately it builds up a good customer relationship.


The impact of coronavirus on on-demand delivery industry brings out the change in the whole scenario. In the coming time, there will be digitalization in every sector. The E-commerce companies must partner with the digital experts to make their process continue even in a tough time. The involvement of delivery scheduling software and apps could bring out a fruitful output. The current global epidemic is not ending soon. The battle seems to be continuing in coming time. So, every retailer should change accordingly.

Author – Bio

Noman Shaikh

Noman Shaikh is a Digital Marketing Head at Fixlastmile, known for creating scalable campaigns for Real Time Delivery Tracking Management Software. He believes in sharing his expertise in a learned concentration with entrepreneurship and business that boost up their business revenues.


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