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Gojek Clone App Development: Four Strategies for Successful Customer Onboarding


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A great app onboarding process is critical for every Gojek Clone app owner because it helps to set your brand’s voice. Alongside this, the onboarding process lets businesses build healthy relationships with their users. Happy customers are key to building a successful business, and when you take care of them right from the moment a user steps onto your app, you have won half the race.

What is customer onboarding? Well, it is a process where new customers are welcomed and acquainted with the application. During the onboarding process, the application displays its top features, functions, and key highlights, telling users how the app will solve their ‘x’ problem.

Since you are opting for Gojek Clone app development, using onboarding, you must make your users aware of different services, advanced features, and so on.

Why is Customer Onboarding Important?

Intercom says that about 40-60% of the people who take free trials of your app or software will use it just once and will never convert. Well, this is why it’s so important to have a proper customer onboarding system in place.

Moreover, customer onboarding is not only about providing easy and quick sign-up, it is also a continuous process of guiding users about your app. You need to have a solid strategy in place for excellent customer onboarding.

Well, it is a daunting task. However, using a few simple and proven strategies, you can easily create a fruitful onboarding experience for your users and gain high conversion and retention rates.

Four Strategies for An Amazing Customer Onboarding Experience


Use these four magical and proven strategies to craft an ideal customer onboarding experience for your Gojek Clone app.

Build personalized journeys

One of the most ideal strategies is to craft personalized journeys for your customers. If you want to maintain a healthy relationship with your on-demand Gojek Clone application users, you have to guide them on:

  • How to use the multi-service app to its greatest potential

  • Listen to and solve their app-related issues and concerns

  • Provide technical transparency

You can create a short app demo or a product tour to acquaint new users with your multi-service app. Additionally, you can send them a personalized welcome email when they sign-up followed by a thank you email and a promotional message.

However, don’t make the mistake of sending lengthy emails. Keep all the information to the point and concise, emphasizing the CTA.

Leverage in-app messages

Most apps or businesses take in-app message features for granted, and rather than being useful, they turn out to spam users. Guess what spamming leads to? Well, yes, a quick uninstallation.

As already mentioned, customer onboarding is not restricted to just the sign-up page. It goes above and beyond just a short sign-up is an important step in the entire process.

To become a viable and valuable on-demand service app for users, you have to leverage the in-app messaging feature. But how? Consider these few best practices:

  • Convey your message in bullet points, as they are easier to digest.

  • Send engaging messages to help users discover more useful features.

  • Create a blog post to explain to your users a particular feature or service in a more detailed manner.

  • You can also create short, informative videos for features that are complex to understand or set up.

  • Always try to explain how your app is ‘beneficial’ to users or how easily can solve their problems.

Make your resource center available 24×7

Customer onboarding also includes customer support. When users are new to your platform, they may need more assistance related to payment issues, profile setup, and so on. Therefore, when planning for your Gojek Clone app development, make sure that you have a space for self-serve support on the platform.

Self-serve support includes FAQs, knowledge base videos, and guides.

A/B Testing

A/B testing is an amazing strategy that can be used to determine which customer onboarding method works best for your Gojek Clone application.

It works on almost every platform, be it your application, email, landing page, website, promotional messages, push notifications, etc. With A/B testing, you can better understand which content works best and provides greater results.

Generally, A/B testing is comparing two versions of the same application or content. For instance, take your app’s home screen. Create two separate designs with different button placements, text arrangements, icons, labels, menu cards, etc.

Now, let your customers decide which of them they like the most and implement the winning version in the final product. Usually, big brands or app-based businesses launch beta versions for testing, and depending on the results, they improve the final product and launch it.

Using A/B testing, you can create better customer onboarding and get higher visitor conversions.

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Mistakes to Avoid

When crafting a customer onboarding plan for your Gojek Clone app, you should try to prevent these onboarding mistakes, as they can harm your app’s success.

Planning the onboarding later, during the development stage

You should plan customer onboarding first. Don’t save it for later because it will have no impact. Think about your customers and their onboarding before you start designing your app’s interface.

Not thinking about a larger audience

A Gojek Clone app integrates multiple on-demand services. In short, you will have apps for all the needs of your customers, like taxi booking, food delivery, parcel delivery, video consultations with doctors, etc.

Therefore, you cannot think about a particular community of people. You need to create the onboarding process considering a wider audience who share a common goal – booking on-demand services with a click. Now, you have to create personalized experiences for all the users ‘individually’ who will sign up on your app.

Focusing on your users’ first visit

Customer onboarding goes beyond app tours and sign-ups. It involves converting visitors and even engaging with repeat customers. Therefore, create a customer onboarding plan that engages customers who are visiting your app for the second and third times.

Final Words

Remember, onboarding is an ongoing process. Help your customers learn everything about your app and use it to its greatest potential. From creating a positive initial introduction to engaging with frequently visiting customers, you have to take care of everything.

Therefore, focus on enhancing your onboarding process to meet the customer’s changing needs. Although onboarding is complex, it is one of the fundamental tactics for helping you achieve success and get the best ROI from your Gojek Clone app development.


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