In FocusBenefits of Custom Graphic Design for Print

Benefits of Custom Graphic Design for Print


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Either you are running a large corporation, or a small business, the design of your website or mobile app, your logo will assist your business stand out from its competition.

A lot of free online templates are available to download their premium or free, and you can also edit them online.

It is the unique design that differentiates your business from others. That is why graphic designing plays a big role in today’s competitive world of business.

As mentioned, a picture speaks more than a thousand words. Similarly, when a company is selecting custom design services, it sets your business aside from the remaining competition.

It is an art to represent your marketing needs via graphics. It is not just to draw an image or a photograph, and it means to deliver information artistically in an appealing manner.

Custom graphic designs are in trend for many communication, print requirements, and advertising.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits offered by a graphic designer.

Why does graphic design matter?

The services of professional graphic designers are required for the creation of effective marketing materials like business cards, leaflets, broachers, and banners, etc.

Sometimes also for resume design services. Graphic designing involves developing and designing a logo that helps to build a brand image.

It also includes designing exclusive social media pages and mobile apps for advertising and promoting the business. It is not only about beautifying, and it is way beyond appearances. It has many advantages more than making something attractive and beautiful.

When used efficiently, there are many benefits of graphic designing, and it helps to enhance your advertising and marketing campaign with effective visual communication.

What is the main purpose of Graphic Design?

The main aim of Graphic design is communication. Mainly it is visual communication, and it uses images, topography, and colors to show specific messages or ideas.

It combines illustration, photography, motion graphics to produce attractive designs, which helps to capture the attention of the views and transform them into sales and pens new doors of the business.

The purpose of Graphic design is vast, below highlighted are some key purposes of graphic design.

  • Beautifying
  • Laying the foundation for Branding strategy
  • Increase user experience
  • Increase navigation

Hire Graphic Designer from Printivity

You would find hundreds of graphic designers in your area if you did a quick search. You don’t have to go through every designer to see if they are according to your style, as per your budget, and can design for print.

Rather than go to the source and use the team of graphic design at primitivity.

Printivity streamlines the whole print process for our clients by making us a one-stop shop for all the related requirements. The printing companies sometimes have some rules that are a bit different from others.

This small mistake is a major drawback if your works need editing to fit accordingly.

  • Trained professionals
  • Fast turnarounds
  • Personal care
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Benefits of hiring a Graphic Designer

Managing a business is not an easy task. You have to be an expert in many fields, but sometimes that doesn’t have design skills. Graphic designers get proper training and a lot of experience.

custom graphic design

So rather than going to school for years or settling for a simple design hire a professional. If that is not more to convince you, these four reasons will compel you to change your mind.

1. Creative Thinkers

You have an idea, but graphic designers put reality in it. Before hiring a professional graphic designer, either full-time or for specific projects, ask for their portfolio or previous work to ensure your, and their styles match.

After meeting with your designer, discuss everything about your company.

2. Saves Time

Graphic designing is time taking. You don’t have that time. Prints products are greatly different from business cards to books and to boxes. Each product comes with its own rules and is a different dimension.

Saving this information and don’t waste time learning when a professional already knows the rules. Graphic designers think very deeply so that you don’t have to.

3. High Quality

By scanning the products, many designers recreate existing prints. There will be gray shadows and scan lines through the image when you do this. The clients won’t think again if they are given low-quality materials.

Graphic designers can recreate already present materials digitally from the beginning and give them a fresh and new look.

The professional designers provide not only crisp imagery but also keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends that guarantee high-quality work.

Experienced with Design Softwares

Softwares like PowerPoint and Word made amateur very easy to create. Additionally, nothing can beat the quality that comes from Photoshop and Illustrator that trained graphic designers to use and pay for.

These programs have specified tools to form safety margin lines, bleeds, save as high quality, and much more.

For beginners, Canva is best, however, it lacks the personal touch for the designer. Canva provides templates and can put you in a box, and there is a chance of the same design similar to your competitor.

Whereas graphic designers work for you from scratch. They want their client to be successful and happy, so they go for personalized content.


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