TechBan on Tiktok - Is This Enough to Stop...

Ban on Tiktok – Is This Enough to Stop People Using Tiktok?


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In an interview to Fox News on Monday, the secretary of state Mike Pompeo has said that US government is thinking to ban on the Chinese based video sharing app Tiktok. It is expected that after getting the US data, this company is sharing this information with the Chinese Communist Party.

A spokesperson of Tiktok has given a reply to the interview of the Mike Pompeo. According to him, in the US, this app is run by the American based CEO. Lots of employees are working under the American based CEO. They are ensuring the safety and security of the US-based users of this app.

According to him, their higher priority is to give importance to the security and safety of their users. He has also asked that they have never shared this app’s data with the Chinese government. They have also asked that they will never share this data even if the Chinese government demanded this data from them.


In the last week, the Indian government has also announced that they will also ban the Tiktokand other Chinese based apps in their country. According to the Indian government, these apps are involved in activities like prejudicial to the integrity of India. The official team of the Tiktokhas also denied these allegations of the Indian government. According to them, they are running this app in India by following Indian laws and regulations. They are also ensuring the security and privacy of the users. They have never shared the private information of their users with anyone in India or beyond India. They have also asked that they have not shared the private information of their users even with the Chinese government.

Mike Pompeo has also asked that if US residents will use this app after the ban, it means that they are sharing their private information with the Chinese Communist Party. As we know that there are millions of users of this app around the world. They have lots of concerns about the ban on this app in different countries of the world.

According to a report by a dissertation help firm, it is expected that the US administration has got this clue from India. Its reason is that before the US, India was talking about the ban of this app in the country. The interview of one of the top officials of the US administration is showing that the US is facing lots of security issues from this social media app. It is also expected that India and the US are banning the Tiktok in their countries because they are trying to keep the Chinese trade at the backburner.

In a serious note, Mike Pompeo has told the reporter of Fox News that with the help of Tiktok, Beijing is gathering the cellphone data of the Americans. That’s why he has also warned the Americans that if they want to sell their private information in the hands of the Chinese, they should download this app. From the interview of Mike Pompeo, we can also extract that Trump is going to take strict action against China.

In India and the US, there are millions of users of this app. Its reason is that this app is very famous among youngsters. After the ban in their countries, they are looking for ways to run this app on their mobile phones. If this app is banned in your country, you can run this app by using VPN. Its reason is that with the help of a VPN, we can change the location. You just need to install a VPN service on your phone.

There are lots of free as well as paid VPN services are available on the internet. After installing the VPN service, you should try to select such a location where this app is not banned. By following this essential trick, you can easily run this app on your phone. If you can’t run this app by using a specific VPN service, you should change the VPN service. Its reason is that while banning the Tiktok, your country will also try to ban the VPN services. That’s why it will not be working on some VPN services.

You can also open this banned app in your country by following some general tips. You should not search this app by using its URL on the internet. Its reason is that this app will not be available with its URL. You should try to search this app by using its IP address. When you search this app by using its IP address, search engines will show its results.

You can also use this banned app on your mobile by using a VPN service. While using the VPN service, you should remain undetected. If you want to remain undetected while using a VPN service, you should remain open all the time. You can also get access to this app by using the ProxFree Proxy. If you can’t get access to this proxy in your mobile, you can use HideMe proxy. The use of the ProxySite Proxy is also another option to open this banned app in your mobile.


If these tricks are not working, you can use this app by using the portable browser in your mobile. Some web browsers come with built-in proxies. You can install these browsers on your mobile phone. All the mobile phones don’t allow the installations of these browsers.

That’s why their portable version is available. You should install their portable version and enjoy the restricted apps and websites in your country. Now, the problem is that in the past, governments don’t pay enough attention to VPN services. Its reason was that people don’t have enough access to these VPN services. Now, the scenario is completely changed.

Almost all internet users are well aware of the use of VPN services. Therefore, they can use these VPN services to get access to restricted websites. That’s why there is also a possibility that these countries will take strict actions against these bans. If they take strict actions against these bans, they will not allow the residents of their country to use these restricted apps by using VPN service. Under such a situation, the ban on Tiktok will be enough.



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