TechAn Ultimate Exploration of Virtual Reality Exposure Treatment

An Ultimate Exploration of Virtual Reality Exposure Treatment


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Technology-enabled treatment approaches are quickly entering the market, with some hot hatches in the pack. Anxiety treatment was costly and time-consuming in the past, as patients were exposed to their fears. It was done either by facing fears in imagination or in the real world like a Vivo exposure. However, the introduction of virtual reality (VR) has made things easier for patients and the authorities alike. This post will uncover Virtual reality exposure treatment and all its inclusions. Are you interested to know more about this term? Stay with us!

What is virtual reality exposure treatment (VRET)?

Virtual reality exposure treatment (VRET) is a tech-enabled exposure therapy where the intensity of the stress is decreased through various activities. The therapy tends to reduce the stress effects you might have on situations, thoughts, or memories. These situations or thoughts provoke anxiety, and VRET will reduce this anxiety effect.

Virtual reality exposure therapy will expose you to situations that you fear the most in a safe environment. Be it military combat or car accidents that give you long sleepless and restless nights, VRET can help you overcome the problem. The activity will mimic the situation in a safe place to stimulate your real-life experience.

What programs are included in virtual reality exposure therapy?

Virtual Reality Exposure Treatment

VRET incorporates a virtual environment that can be customized according to the patient’s needs and situations. The therapy includes various programs that the patients are afraid of and which provoke anxiety. We will explain some of these programs in this post to give you a good idea of what they may entail. Here are some of the included programs.

i) Fear of bridges:

Most children grow with the fear of crossing over a bridge as they either close their eyes or hold their parents’ hands. Is this fear meant to stay forever? Certainly not! Virtual reality exposure therapy can help you overcome this fear by guiding you through a series of bridges in a virtual environment.

The feared situation will depict heightened bridges over deep waters. If someone is afraid of crossing over a bridge in real life, he can overcome this situation. Most VR parks are offering unique programs to help people fight their fears. Book your VR park Dubai tickets today and explore these adrenaline-pumping activities and games.

ii) Fear of flying:

Another augmented program is creating an experience of being in a passenger airline. Most people are afraid when the plane is taking off or landing. Moreover, they feel anxious when the weather is bad. The Program will craft the same experience and environment with the exact sounds and effects to make you feel relaxed.

If you ever feel stressed during such situations, this therapy will help you a great deal. You will feel all the stress and experience that a real plane has. Sounds like mechanical noises, coughing, infant crying and weather-related phenomenon are all there to make the experience more realistic.

iii) Fear of storms:

The fear of storm programs is intended for children and adults alike as they equally fear the experience. The therapy will walk you through an augmented situation of bad weather and stormy noises. The corresponding noises relate to the actual stormy conditions in real life, which the patients can feel in a safe virtual environment.

iv) Fear of heights:

Have you been to the top floor of a tall building and looked down? The experience is treacherous not only for phobic persons but the normal ones as well. The virtual reality exposure therapy (VRET) will put you in an elevator of a tall building. The elevator will guide in the ascent and descent of tall buildings and high walkways.

The Program exposes individuals to feared situations like heights and top floors of skyscrapers. It intends to overcome the fear of children and adults by taking them to heights and making them move freely.

Virtual reality exposure treatment for children:

VRET also provides customized virtual environments for children to make them overcome their fears. Children are exposed to virtual safe environments where they participate in activities that they fear in real life. VR theme parks are also helping kids face their fears in virtual environments. It would be best to book your VR park Dubai tickets today and take your child to these parks to try out thrilling games and activities.

Virtual reality exposure programs for kids are no different than the ones we explained earlier. From the fear of heights to fear of speaking in the general public, they can overcome all their fears in this therapy. A skilled therapist controls the environment to help them stay engaged.

Explore VR parks with your kids!

Virtual reality theme parks offer various adrenaline-pumping and thrilling games and activities. Your time in the park will be worth it once you explore these activities. Book your tickets today and pay a visit next weekend!

Kieran Edwards
Kieran Edwards
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