6 Popular Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin

how to get bitcoin free

Initially, we must know the difference between coinbase and free bitcoin in order to get free bitcoin on coinbase.

Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency or digital currency. It is now becoming the need of a time as in the coming era there will be a trend of digital currency rather than physical currency, used nowadays.

Worth of a Bitcoin

Bitcoin became popular in 2009. If we give a look at the previous prices of bitcoin, tremendously it increased from 125.00 dollars in 2013 to 9617.00 in 2020.


It is basically a platform in which we save and trade digital currencies. Coinbase is a world digital asset exchange company giving a platform to purchase and sell digital currencies.

How to Earn Bitcoin Free Online?

There are many ways for earning free online bitcoins by spinning rolls or doing microtasks.
Below are some websites which give you free cryptocurrency or bitcoin.

1. Freebitco

The site helps you to earn free bitcoins by playing games. The person or the user have to play an easy one-click game to earn free bitcoins.
By clicking link you can now claim 1 Free Spin Win a Rolex or $15,000 in Free BTC.
All you have to do is to register yourself on the website and by just clicking on ‘ROLL’ you can play the game and get paid as per the lucky number and relative payout shows on the table below.

2. sMiles

sMiles helps you to earn free Bitcoin for daily activities like shopping, playing games, walking, shopping, and doing sponsored tasks.

3. Prize Rebel

It aims to pay you for completing simple tasks or taking short or long paid surveys.
The first step is to Sign up over the platform. After logging in, all the available surveys appear to get free bitcoins.

4. Bitcoin Blast Game

Today you can also get free bitcoins by playing different games to keep yourself busy. This game help you reach 100000 points. Anytime you can retrieve and the bitcoins will be regarded to your account soon.

5. Crypto Pop

By playing this game you can earn etherm digital cryptocurrency. The lesser payout in this game is 100 GWE points.

6. Free Bitcoin Faucet</h3

This one is the best and oldest bitcoins faucets on the internet. It rewards more than $200 for every hour through bitcoin faucet.
All you have to do is Sign up you email ID and press Play Now. Press on free BTC and move to the Free BTC page. Press “Roll” and get free bitcoin. For more free BTC repeat free every hour.



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