Tech5 Free Online Screen Recorders to Easily Record Presentations

5 Free Online Screen Recorders to Easily Record Presentations


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With the advent of self-media and streaming media, we often make presentations into video tutorials or insert dynamic presentation animations when we write articles. Normally, our video recording tool will download free or paid client software, but this seems a bit of a hassle. It is better to try to install less software on the computer to ensure the computer’s speed. As a result, we think of using online screen recording tools. In this article, we organize several free online screen recording tools.

If we need a screen recording tool, it is still good to use an online browser to open the screen recording tool website. Would you like to try it?


RecordCast is an online tool that can record screens and record microphone and computer system sounds. It is then available to select a full screen, single window, browser paging screen for recording. Once the screen recording is over, you can directly open the editor for free video editing, such as cutting, combining two videos, adding caption text in the video, etc.


With RecordCast, there is no need to purchase dedicated paid software for recording. Even if you are uncertain about what kind of function it has or a beginner, you can try it out first.


Who doesn’t know Loom? The Chrome extension that allows you to film your screen. It is one of the strongest screen capture tools on the market. Indeed, being able to film your screen in high definition while simultaneously recording your explanations in front of the camera has become essential.

Loom allows you to save time, to be more precise in the exchange of information. The recorded video is directly shareable, and recipients can provide feedback or ask questions directly in a chat. The use cases are endless.

This Online Screen Recorder tool is free and registration-free. It can directly record the screen online. It supports Chrome 73 version browser, so if we are other browsers or lower versions, we need to upgrade. Otherwise, it will not be able to record videos.

And we can also choose to record audio, which can be input from a headset or a browser. The recorded video is in .webm format. We can directly upload it to other self-media platforms. If the format is not equivalent, you can convert the format before using it.

We can see that this tool is also a relatively simple online screen recording tool application, without registration and additional plug-in support for browser recording.


You can also choose to record the screen or turn on the camera at the same time. This is how we saw that many recorded videos are synchronized with real people in the corners.


The video recorded in HubCap will be temporarily saved on their site, and a video address will be given to you. You need to save it, or the video will be automatically deleted in two weeks. At the same time, a single video time is controlled within five minutes. You can choose to record the screen or camera.


We can plan to sort out 8-10 models, but considering the utilization rate, we actually choose 5models that are suitable for us. If you have tried some other easy and free screen recording tools, you can directly comment below.


  1. Jessica,

    Is it too late to be considered for this screen recorder roundup list? CloudApp is the only screen recording software program that I’m aware of that does real-time video annotation. It’s been around for 10 years so definitely not a fly by night operation.


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