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Sister Betsy to Make Debut at Orlando’s Surf Expo with New Surf Wax and Apparel


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Dedicated surfers across the United States, the Caribbean, Central and South America, and other parts of the world are gearing up for a greatly anticipated event set to take place in just about a week: the 2021 Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida on January 6-8. The Surf Expo is the longest-running board sports and beach and resort lifestyle tradeshow in the world. The Surf Expo draws buyers from specialty stores around the globe who will be able to come and view the apparel and hardgoods at over 2,500 booths set up in the Orange County Convention Center. The Event will also feature other special events such as fashion shows from famous surf apparel brands and up-and-coming brands, annual award ceremonies, and demonstrations of new surf products. The event is an incredible opportunity for new brands to gain exposure as the turnout is expected to reach nearly 30,000 attendees.

This year, Sister Betsy Surf Wax will be among those making their debut, showing off their new surf wax and branded apparel. In the short time that Sister Betsy has come to market, the brand has already been making a large impact on local surfers and news is spreading quickly, especially among younger surfers. Sister Betsy is a surf wax and apparel company that is by surfers for surfers with humble roots and a commitment to being a genuine brand that will always focus on its customers. The Surf Expo is a great opportunity to see what an amazing company Sister Betsy is and all of the exciting new products they have to offer.

Sister Betsy was founded by James Moseley, a local surfer in Los Angeles. James is passionate about having a brand and a company that is inclusive, environmentally friendly, and above all, stays true to surf culture. Part of the inspiration behind the Sister Betsy brand name is the song Bam Bam by Sister Nancy. Bam Bam is a well-known reggae anthem. Sister Nancy is known as being the first female dancehall DJ that dominated the dancehall scene for over two decades. Reggae music has always played a role in the counterculture aspect of surf culture so it makes sense that Bam Bam and Sister Nancy would lend a hand in inspiring the Sister Betsy brand. The meaning behind the word “bam” itself marries nicely with what James is trying to accomplish with the Sister Betsy brand. It can be used as an exclamation or as a way of saying that an individual’s spirit cannot be held within any confines. James himself has chosen to take his own path in life, not sticking to traditional nine to five business roles or the conventional ways of breaking into an industry by things like unpaid internships. He has chosen instead to create a successful business from scratch and make a name for himself from within the industry. With that business, he is spreading his message of following what you believe in and taking your own path and making a positive impact in his customers along the way. He is doing an especially great job of reaching an audience of younger surfers with this positive message.

The Sister Betsy products are easy to spot, with their eye-catching and beautiful depiction of a nun, “Sister Betsy” with electric hands over a crystal ball that holds the scene of a surfer inside. The intention behind the design is to inspire, according to James. “The possibilities are endless, and the sky is the limit” are two of the phrases he’d love the image to beckon to mind when his customers see it. Pick up your board more, take more surf trips, the Sister Betsy brand not only inspires this kind of courage, but it helps to make it possible with its accessible products.

surf wax

The surf wax he created went through rigorous testing and designing before James found the best formula that would have incredible longevity for surfers. The wax is made in America and is also made with organic materials during a hand pouring process. James himself will pour batches of the wax as he is committed to ensuring a high-quality product with each and every batch. The hexagonal shape of the wax is not only a unique and esthetically pleasing design choice, but it makes for a wax that is easy to use. The ease of use is great for both beginners and Pro Surfers, like Nate Yeoman, who helped James test out the wax to find the perfect formulation. Nate Yeoman has been a huge supporter of Sister Betsy Surf Wax and has become a sponsor of the products as well.

James set out not to just build a business, but to build an amazing product that surfers would love using and then let his brand and company grow around that organically. James does everything very thoughtfully, carefully considering what will have the greatest impact on those that will be consuming his products. James is very involved with all aspects of the business and is very passionate about interacting with his customers. He is very engaged with his client base on social media. He personally runs the company’s Instagram page and will interact with customers through the platform.

surfing wax

Sister Betsy has been especially popular among younger surfers, both boys and girls. They have found the Sister Betsy brand to be very appealing and relatable. This client base also appreciates the hexagonal design and finds that it is their preferred shape to use in addition to the product being the better wax as well. A large source of support of Sister Betsy Surf Wax has been young surfers around Southern California that compete in surf competitions. When those young surfers found out about the Sister Betsy brand, they were hooked. James has sold enormous amounts of his wax to young surfers both in Southern California and then also across the globe as the word spread. Young ones are often the ones that find out about new and exciting brands first, they often are the ones that set the trends. All across Southern California and other parts of the world, young surfers are already sharing pictures of themselves using Sister Betsy Surf Wax at their surf competitions or in their free time, they are tagging Sister Betsy in their Instagram Stories to say how stoked they are to be using the wax. They are hiding their hexagons from their parents saying, “that’s my wax!”

James Moseley is currently going to college to get his degree in business and has also founded his successful company at the same time. He is adamant that with Sister Betsy, he stays true to his promise of challenging the status quo. James plans to accomplish this goal by focusing on having a genuine connection with his customers. This genuineness is seen in the products that Sister Betsy puts forth, the wax is made to last and is easy to use. The prices are very affordable which makes the products accessible to a very wide customer base and they also appeal to all ages, all skill levels, and genders. Sister Betsy is based in Los Angeles and more information can be found by going to their website and on website.

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