Real EstateMost Common Construction Heavy Machinery Used In Pakistan

Most Common Construction Heavy Machinery Used In Pakistan


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The construction industry has evolved a lot as time passed by and even more in Pakistan. Projects that took years now take months to complete with the blessings of modern technology.  We often see many heavy construction machines on construction sites but most of the time we don’t know their purpose. Moving tones of heavyweight material to digging gigantic holes which are sometimes even hundreds of feet deep to lay building foundations, different types of heavy equipment facilitate construction activities in different ways.

So, what are some of the important equipment used by the best construction company in Islamabad and in Pakistan?

Common Construction Machinery

  • Backhoe
  • Compactor
  • Dump Trucks
  • Loaders
  • Bulldozer
  • Two Cranes


You may have seen it working on many construction sites. It is similar to an excavator. A backhoe loader is one of the most common heavy construction equipment used in construction projects. Heavy construction equipment usually consists of a tractor, backhoe, and loader, and it is used for a wide range of tasks. For example, it can be used for loading or unloading and excavating. Moreover, a backhoe can also be used for lifting heavyweight material to different heights.


The compactor, commonly known as the roller in Pakistan, is a construction machine that compacts and flattens the ground to level it. When the ground is ready, compactors prepare it for smooth surfaces we usually travel on, such as highways and other types of roads. Most of the road rollers you see in Pakistan are soil compactors.

However, there are also different types of compactors, depending on the task. For example, there’s a landfill compactor. Solid waste management is a great application for it. Another very popular type of compactor is a soil compactor. It works best with soil and dirt.

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks are known by different names. They are also called “dumper trucks”, “tipper trucks” or just “dumpers”. In a dumper truck, the framework of a truck is attached with a dump body that is mounted on its frame. The bed in this machinery is raised with the help of a vertical hydraulic ram that is mounted between the frame rails or under the front of the body.

Dumpers are also one of the most common heavy construction equipment. You will often see dumpers running around the city. A dump truck is required in every other construction project. These are widely used for the transportation of large bulks of construction materials in Pakistan, such as sand, gravel, and soil, in cities as well as across the country.


Loaders are huge machines with normal and tracked wheels that assist construction activities in loading heavy materials onto the dumper trucks among other vehicles. It has a large bucket that can carry tons of heavy materials including soil, rocks, raw materials as well as debris from a demolished building.

In addition to the normal wheels, they also come with tracked wheels (like those on military tanks). Loaders with normal wheels are generally used on construction sites, whereas loaders with tracked wheels are used in hard-to-reach areas, especially for wheeled loaders because they have better traction.


Bulldozers are also the most common construction machinery used by construction companies in Islamabad. Their major role is excavating shallow levels of surfaces up to a particular point. It facilitates the construction activities by removing or pushing massive amounts of construction materials such as soil and sand, clearing the required area.

Similarly, there are two types of bulldozers in the market: with and without tracked wheels—and their uses also depend on the requirements and technicalities of a construction project.


Heavy machinery has reduced the human effort of the construction industry. The decreased amount of physical labor has expedited the construction activities thus making the project completions faster, reliable, and cost-effective.



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