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How to take a Breathtaking Headshot with these 5 Pageant Headshot Tips


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We all know the power of a good first impression. Pageant headshots are often your chance to make a good first impression on judges before you even walk into a competition. That’s a lot of pressure to put your best self forward!

Fortunately, we’ve broken down some easy headshot tips you can use to show the judges your best, most photogenic self. Let’s get started!

1. Hair and Makeup

A great photo starts with great hair and makeup. This can really make or break a photo so it’s strongly recommended that you get your hair and makeup done professionally.

However, for whatever reason, sometimes it may not be possible to get a professional on the job. In this case, it’s important that if you or someone else is doing your hair and makeup, it needs to be as close to professional caliber as possible.

Consider taking a professional hair or makeup lesson or watch some Youtube makeup tutorials. Just remember, the camera is going to make you look much different than how you look in real life, so your makeup needs to be adjusted accordingly.

2. Plan Your Wardrobe

It’s always a good idea to come to your photoshoot prepared. This means you probably want to bring more outfits than you’ll actually need for the shoot. Plan ahead and try things on before you get there!

Of course, this is a headshot, so you mostly just need to focus on what is visible from the chest up. Pay particular attention to the necklines of your outfits and make sure they flatter your shoulders and neck.

Colors are also very important when you’re planning your outfits. Try to make sure and pick colors that flatter your natural tones. If you aren’t sure what is most flattering, you can always bring a variety of options as well.

3. Finding the Right Photographer

If you have the ability, it’s always a good idea to hire a professional photographer for your headshots so you can be sure you are getting the best possible quality. There are lots of options out there but you might need to do a little bit of research first.

However, again, if a professional isn’t accessible to you, there are ways for you to still get a quality headshot. Don’t try to take a selfie as your headshot. Instead, find a friend to get some quality photos of you.

You might have friends with high-quality cameras. You’d be surprised the kind of photo quality you can get on newer smartphones.

4. Posing

Now that everything is set up, the fun part begins! Once you get in front of the camera, it’s time to relax and be yourself. A good photographer will help you through the process of posing and highlighting your best features.

A good headshot should look very natural and beautiful. You also want to feel connected to the camera. There are plenty of examples of previous headshots online that you can also use for inspiration.

5. Photo Editing

Nowadays, it’s super easy to throw any picture into any photo editing app. When you edit your headshots (or when a professional does it), you want to make sure the photo still looks as natural as possible.

Every pageant is different. But we can guarantee that every pageant – from small local pageants to bigger ones like the Regency International Pageant – just want to see your most authentic self!

Headshot Tips: Have Fun!

As we’ve stated, one of the most important headshot tips we can offer is to have fun and be yourself! If you don’t look like you’re really being yourself, it will be apparent to any panel of judges.

Pageantry may be about competition but it should also be about feeling confident about who you are!

Keep checking out our site for more helpful photogenic tips!

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