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Why Ron DeSantis will Win the Presidential Elections in 2024


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As the 2024 Presidential Elections inch closer, speculations and predictions are already being made about who will win the race to the White House. One name that has been gaining momentum as a top contender is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. In this article, we will explore some of the reasons why DeSantis could potentially win the Presidential Elections.

First and foremost, DeSantis has built a strong reputation as a conservative leader who is unapologetic about his beliefs and values. He has been a vocal opponent of progressive policies and has taken a tough stance on issues like immigration, gun rights, and abortion.

This stance has earned him a loyal following among conservatives, who see him as a champion for their causes. In a crowded Republican field, DeSantis’ staunch conservative credentials could give him an edge over other candidates who are perceived as more moderate.

Secondly, DeSantis has a proven track record of success as Governor of Florida. Under his leadership, the state has become a model for conservative governance, with policies that have led to job growth, low taxes, and a thriving economy.

His handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has also received praise from many quarters, with Florida’s economy recovering faster than most other states. This track record of success could make DeSantis an attractive candidate for voters who are looking for a candidate with a proven record of accomplishment.

Thirdly, DeSantis has shown a willingness to take on powerful interests and fight for what he believes in. He has taken on Big Tech by signing a bill that penalizes social media companies for deplatforming political candidates, and has also taken on the mainstream media by calling out their biased coverage of his administration.

This willingness to take on powerful interests and stand up for what he believes in could resonate with voters who are fed up with politicians who are more interested in appeasing special interests than serving the people.

Finally, DeSantis has a charismatic personality and is an excellent communicator. He has a gift for connecting with people and delivering his message in a way that resonates with them.

He has also shown an ability to use social media to his advantage, with his Twitter account becoming one of the most popular among Republican politicians. This combination of charisma and communication skills could make DeSantis a formidable candidate on the campaign trail.

Would Ron DeSantis make a good President?

Ron DeSantis

DeSantis has a number of strengths that could make him an effective president. As mentioned earlier, he has a strong track record of success as Governor of Florida, particularly in terms of job growth and economic development. He is also known for being a strong and decisive leader who is not afraid to take on powerful interests, such as Big Tech or the mainstream media. Additionally, his conservative values and willingness to stand up for what he believes in could make him a popular choice among the Republican base.

On the other hand, there are also some potential weaknesses to consider. One concern is that DeSantis has not had much experience on the national stage, having only served as Governor of Florida since 2019. This lack of experience could make it difficult for him to navigate the complex and high-pressure environment of the White House. Additionally, some critics have raised concerns about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic in Florida, particularly his decision to lift restrictions and reopen the state’s economy quickly. While this approach has been popular among many conservatives, some experts have argued that it may have contributed to the high number of cases and deaths in the state.

Whether or not Ron DeSantis would make a good president would depend on a variety of factors, including his ability to build consensus, work effectively with Congress, and navigate the complex challenges facing the country. While he has shown promise as a candidate, it remains to be seen whether he would be able to successfully transition from Governor to President.

Would DeSantis rule be similar to Donald Trump?

DeSantis Donald Trump

While there are some similarities between Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump in terms of their conservative values and their willingness to take on powerful interests, it is important to note that they are different individuals with different governing styles and priorities. Therefore, it is difficult to say with certainty whether DeSantis’ presidency would be similar to Trump’s.
For example, while both men are known for their conservative values, DeSantis has taken a more pragmatic approach to governing, focusing on issues like job growth and economic development. He has also been more willing to work with both Republicans and Democrats on issues like criminal justice reform and environmental policy. This stands in contrast to Trump, who often took a more confrontational approach to politics and was known for his “America First” foreign policy.
In terms of their leadership styles, DeSantis and Trump also have some differences. While Trump was known for his bombastic personality and confrontational style, DeSantis is generally seen as more measured and deliberate. He tends to avoid the kind of inflammatory rhetoric that Trump was known for, and is generally more focused on policy and governance than on personal attacks or political theatrics.
While there are certainly some similarities between DeSantis and Trump in terms of their conservative values and their willingness to take on powerful interests, there are also significant differences in terms of their governing styles and priorities. Therefore, it is difficult to say whether DeSantis’ presidency would be similar to Trump’s and win the Presidential Elections.

Who is DeSantis biggest contender in 2024 Presidential elections?

It’s still too early to definitively say who Ron DeSantis’ biggest contender in the 2024 Presidential elections will be. The field of potential candidates for both the Democratic and Republican parties is still taking shape, and many factors could influence the outcome of the election, including the state of the economy, foreign policy issues, and domestic politics.

That being said, some potential contenders for the Democratic nomination include Vice President Kamala Harris, Senator Elizabeth Warren, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, among others. Each of these candidates brings their own unique strengths and weaknesses to the race, and it remains to be seen which of them will emerge as the frontrunner for the nomination.

On the Republican side, there are several potential contenders in addition to DeSantis, including former President Donald Trump, Senator Ted Cruz, and former Vice President Mike Pence, among others. Trump in particular remains a dominant figure within the Republican Party, and it’s possible that he could run again in 2024, potentially posing a significant challenge to DeSantis.

Ultimately, much will depend on how the political landscape evolves over the next few years, as well as how each candidate campaigns and presents themselves to the American people. While it’s too early to make any definitive predictions, it’s clear that the 2024 Presidential election is likely to be closely contested, with a number of strong candidates vying for the nomination.

Who would be Ron DeSantis best Vice President?

Many factors may be considered when selecting a running mate for Ron DeSantis in a potential presidential campaign.

One important consideration is geographic balance. It’s often seen as advantageous to choose a running mate from a different part of the country in order to broaden the appeal of the ticket. For example, DeSantis is from Florida, so it might make sense to choose a running mate from another region of the country, such as the Midwest or West Coast.

Another factor to consider is diversity. In recent years, there has been increasing attention paid to the importance of having a diverse ticket that reflects the full diversity of the American people. This could mean selecting a running mate who is a woman, a person of color, or a member of another historically underrepresented group.


Experience is also a key consideration. While the vice president is primarily seen as a backup to the president, they can also play an important role in shaping policy and providing leadership on key issues. Therefore, it may be advantageous to select a running mate who has experience in areas where DeSantis may be perceived as weaker, such as foreign policy or healthcare.

Ultimately, the choice of running mate is a complex decision that will depend on a variety of factors, including political strategy, personal chemistry, and the needs of the country at the time. It remains to be seen who DeSantis will choose as his running mate, but it’s likely that he will carefully consider all of these factors before making a decision.

In conclusion, while it is still early to make definitive predictions about the outcome of the 2024 Presidential Elections, Ron DeSantis has emerged as a top contender. His staunch conservative values, proven track record of success as Governor, willingness to take on powerful interests, and charisma and communication skills could all work in his favor. Whether he ultimately wins the race to the White House or not remains to be seen, but one thing is for certain – he will be a candidate to watch in the coming months and years.

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