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What to Write on a Coffee Mug Gift for Mom?


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Aren’t moms just special? First, they gave birth to us; they nurtured us and took care of us when we were naughty and young. As if that is not enough, as an adult, they still stick their noses in our business – in a good way, because they care! One never needs a reason to spoil their mom because they deserve it.

If you are looking for ideas on gifts for mom to buy this festive season, the thought of buying coffee mugs must have crossed your mind at some point. A coffee mug gift for mom is a very thoughtful one, with the winter season upon us. What better way to let your mom know you are thinking of her and what sure way to keep yourself in her thoughts too constantly than buy her a coffee mug this winter. Every time she pours herself a cup of tea or coffee, which is likely to be often because of this cold, she will definitely think of you and also be reminded of how special she is.

But buying her a plain regular mug from the mall won’t do the trick. Be creative; make it extra special! If you can’t find an already printed mug with a great message, you can have one custom printed for her with a message specifically meant for her. Trust me; this will surely make her melt! If you are stuck and don’t know what message to put on that coffee mug gift for mom, read on and get inspiration:

Consider why you are getting her the gift, other than the fact that you love her of course, but what’s the occasion?

1. Is it her birthday?

Birthdays are a great time to show mom some love, considering she always does the same to her children on their birthdays. So any of the following messages will do:

● ‘To the world’s best mom, on her birthday’
● ‘Mom, I love you’
● ‘Happiest birthday to you, mom, you are loved’
● ‘Your daughter loves you, mom’

You could even include your name in the message to make it more personal.

2. Is it mother’s day?

This another day to show mothers some love and appreciation for the things they do as mothers. For this occasion, you might want to make your message say exactly how much you appreciate your mom for her mothering skills rather than you just love her as a person. So consider the following captions:

● ‘Life doesn’t come with a manual; it comes with mother’
● ‘Of all the wombs in the world, I’m glad I came out of yours’
● ‘Thanks mom, I turned out fine’
● ‘Out of all the moms in the world, I’m glad you are mine’

3. Is it a ‘just because’ gift?

Well, you don’t always need an occasion to spoil your mother. Sometimes you may just get her a coffee mug gift because you feel like it. For this, you have plenty of options for captions. Consider this:

● ‘Just because I love you, mom’
● ‘I wouldn’t have made it this far without you, mom’
If you and your mom both have a good sense of humour, how about the following captions:

● You were right about everything, mom’
● You much cooler than dad, mom’
● For dear mom, from the world’s best daughter/ son’
● ‘Thank you putting up with my crazy siblings; from your favourite son/ daughter’
● ‘Home is where mom is’
● ‘First, my mom. Forever my friend’

This list is not exhaustive. There are plenty of captions you can put on that coffee mug gift for your mom to make her feel special. And you will find a lot of ideas from online gift shops. So search for the best online shop and place your order!


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