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10 Useful Things to Keep When Hiking with a Baby


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Going out on the trail with your baby for the first time can be overwhelming, whether you’re going for a nearby spot or farther out. 

Being prepared to go out with a baby is vital, but the basic stuff isn’t going to save you in an emergency situation! 

So start by really getting ready for your hike first. Know where you’re going and what  the weather forecast is in your town.

A walk that could have been an easy day out for you may become a much longer trip with a cranky baby on your back.


Here are our tips for the top 10 items to take with you on a hike with your baby. 

1. Simple shelter 

You can brave a sudden rain  shower  by using a plastic poncho or sheet to provide temporary shelter. You can also invest in a small emergency blanket, which can be used for different purposes without adding a lot of weight. 

2. A whistle 

A whistle is a handy item to have. You can use it to scare off birds and animals or as a calling sign in case you lose your way on the hike. It can also become a fun toy for your child in case they feel bored.

3. Water

Don’t be scarce when it comes to water. It’s a critical element to have. If you spend a lot of time hiking in an environment with a lot of water (lakes, creeks, or rivers) consider getting something that easily sterilizes water on the go. 

4. Compass 

You don’t need to be a boy scout to use a compass. They’re pretty easy, and even the most basic ones can benefit you when there’s no view and you’re deep in the trees.

5. Lightweight snacks and food

If you’re underpacking food, you could end up with a cranky toddler, so just think light. Carry lightweight snacks, whole fruits to offer quick energy.


6. Sun hat

Get a nice sun hat for your baby. Babies always want to pull off their caps, so if your baby isn’t used to wearing one, start practicing at home before you hit the trails. Sunscreen goes without saying, particularly when hats come out so often. 

7. First aid kit

Fill a small emergency first aid kit with all the baby supplies you need. Although this is on every standard camping or trekking packing list, you need to make sure that you have added medications that are safe for infants or young children. Keep bulk baby wipes to wipe unknown surfaces, hands, and face to maintain basic hygiene.

8. Spare clothing

Always carry spare clothes, extra socks, and windbreakers. Remember to wear light clothing in warm weather. But always carry warm clothing in case of sudden windstorms or rain. The weather can be unpredictable, accidents can happen, and clothes can get wet. If you carry a spare pair of clothes, you won’t have to be uncomfortable in emergency situations. Don’t forget to carry natural disposable bamboo diapers.

9. Toys

Although you could have a wonderful time in quiet surroundings, babies can easily get bored. Pack your child’s favorite toys especially if you’re camping overnight. Toys are perfect to keep your baby entertained while camping in tents or taking a quick break on the road.

10. Trekking poles

The last thing you want is to fall and collapse on your back with an infant. So, bring your trekking poles along. Even if you choose an easy route, a wriggling baby will make it very difficult to manage. Trekking poles will help you maintain balance and stability along the trails. 

Hiking with a Baby


You might think hiking with a baby is a crazy idea, but it doesn’t have to be such a big challenge after all. Whether you’re planning a night camping trip or just a family day hiking trail, remembering a few important things while packing and keeping these vital tips in mind will help you make a trip memorable.


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