LivingMad Beauty launch Warner Bros Friends Advent Calendar

Mad Beauty launch Warner Bros Friends Advent Calendar


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Mad Beauty launch Warner Bros Friends collection including this 12 Days of Christmas Bath Fizzer Advent Calendar. Could we BE any more excited!

With a Bath Fizzer & Friends quote behind every door to surprise & delight. Mad Beauty are a beauty company creating gifts, bring fun to everything thing they create.

Friends Advent

This Advent also has a detachable iconic yellow frame that can be removed when you finish with calendar and used else where in your home as a trinket

Retailing at £17.99 any Friends fan will love this calendar.

Mad Beauty

Other items in this collection include, Hand Gels, Eyeshadow Palette, Lip Balms, Hair Slides, Pizza Box Bath Salts, Turkey Shower Hat, Turkey Tangle Brush, Face Masks, & some gift sets.

Mad Beauty

The Pizza bath salts (above) are also our favorite¬† gifts especially for Chandler’s fans like us and we also recommend the hair slides (below).

Mad Beauty

Could you be ANY Happier this Christmas? Check them out on Mad Beauty  website or check Mad Beauty on Amazon website.