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Indulge yourself in Warmth and Luxury this Winter with some help from Beurer


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Are you that someone who is always cold? It doesn’t matter if it’s the middle of summer, if the heating has been cranked up, or if you’re sipping coffee or hot chocolate in front of the fire, you still feel the chill.

Health and wellbeing specialists, Beurer, understand this struggle (and the shivers). That is why they have empathetically rounded up the best cold-busting products for people who are always chilly.

1. Beurer HD 75 Cosy Nordic Heated Snuggle Blanket: The perfect soft and snuggly throw for cold nights and comfy winter days on the sofa, the Beurer HD 75 heated blanket is made with a luxurious, super-fleecy, skin-friendly material that is both perfectly cosy and fuzz-free. You can select from 6 different temperature settings on an illuminated function display to suit your preferences, which remain consistent thanks to patented electronic temperature regulation. If the pure contentment of warmth sends you to sleep, this clever snuggle blanket will switch off automatically after 3hours.

The Beurer Snuggle Blanket is available from Amazon priced at £99.99.

2. Beurer HK 44 Electric Soft Cosy Heat Pad: The humble hot water bottle has been superseded! The Beurer Electric Heat Pad won’t leak and most importantly, won’t go cold on you. You can enjoy constant, controllable heat with this generously sized fleecy pad, designed to keep you cosy and warm for as long as you need it. Three temperature settings help ease chills, aches and pains and with rapid heat-up you can be warm and cosy in no time. The washable snuggly fleece fabric features soft, breathable fibres which are kind on your skin and help to spread heat evenly to eliminate any hot spots. There’s no need to worry about nodding off – the heat pad switches off automatically after 90 minutes of continuous use and can be started again straightaway if you’re still awake and need some extra warmth. To find out more about the HK 44, please visit Beurer.

The Beurer Heat Pad is available in Pillar Box Red (HK 44) from Amazon priced at £29.99.

3. Beurer FW 20 Foot Warmer: Combatting cold feet has never been easier! The Beurer foot warmer lets you enjoy a selection of three heat settings for your preferred perfect temperature and can get your tootsies roasty toasty in no time at all with rapid heat up technology. As well as warmth, the Beurer foot warmer can also ease aches and pains and help with circulation issues. Made with an exceptionally cosy, fleecy material that is skin friendly, your feet will feel submerged in comfort – the teddy soft lining can be easily removed for hand washing.

The Beurer FW 20 Foot Warmer is available from Amazon priced a£39.99.

4. Monogram by Beurer dual-control heated blanket: Sharing a bed when you have different heat preferences can cause a battle over the duvet and invasion of personal space. What better solution than a heated blanket that you can control from your own side and set to your own perfect sleeping temperature. Monogram by Beurer has this additional feature on many of its models. It has an easy fit design, just like a fitted sheet, and this cotton-rich mattress cover is also specially treated with a HealthProtection® sanitised fabric technology which hygienically protects you from dust mites and allergens. Uniquely combined with a Heat Boost function, you can warm your mattress to 60°, a temperature which cannot be withstood by dust mites or their eggs, as little as once a week, to keep your mattress clean and fresh and reduce the physical signs of dust mites, such as asthma, congestion, eczema, rhinitis and other associated allergies. Monogram by Beurer is the perfect example of Beurer’s ability to deliver you luxury while also considering your health.

Monogram by Beurer is available from Amazon with prices starting from £75.00 (Double).

Beurer has a wide range of winter warming products, providing you cosy warmth exactly where you need it. To view the full product range, visit their Amazon website page.

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