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Why are more People going for Concrete paving Slabs, rather than Tiles?


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You must have seen walkways, driveways, or footpaths made with bricks or stone. For the interior flooring of bedrooms or halls, living area we often use floored made of  marble, quartz, or floor tiles. But the same flooring may not be suitable or not affordable and durable for outside flooring, for areas like the walking space, the driving area, or in your lawn. Floor tiles in the garden area are not only visually dull they but also increases your expense by many times and they might not be able to tolerate the natural weather as well.    Flooring your garden area or driving area with tiles is not recommended as they are not as strong as concrete, to sustain the pressure of heavy cars. So, you have to go for concrete paving slabs.

concrete paving slabs

What are concrete paving slabs?

Concrete is nothing but a flooring option mostly used for pavements, driveways, or lawn areas. Made from a mixture of sand, gravel, and stones, put on a surface of the soil, concrete paving slabs are used in more volume than ever before. In Australia, almost every alternate house has concrete paving slabs in its lawn and driveway.

Are they durable?

The question of durability arises, when there are enough complaints from customers, in this case, the question itself is inadmissible as nothing can be more durable than concrete, it’s the same material with which your house is made. Invest once and consider these slabs as a one-time investment, these slabs will at least last for 30 to 40 years and if maintained properly can last for a lifetime.

Why more and more people going for concrete paving slabs?

The main behind increasing in payments of concrete paving slabs is because of their reduced cost, in the current pandemic situation, everybody’s financials have been greatly hit. So, people are looking for options that are nice to their wallets as well as efficient in functioning.


Another reason is its portable feature, yes!!!! some of you must be scratching your heads how can paving slabs be portable. Yes, you can move them from one part of your house to another, as per your choice. Many people for lowering their expenses go to an extreme level, they just buy the slabs and place them on their own. But this process of self-installation is a little bit tricky because if not done properly, your slabs will not grip the soil firmly, which will result in crack or degradation when huge pressure is applied on them.

Besides portability, when concrete paving slabs are placed, a uniform gap is left between them. This gap is for various purposes, the first is that these gaps allow for free expansion and contraction during various seasons, and especially in a country like Australia, where the temperatures go several degrees below 0 during winter. In absence of gaps, the slabs may get cracked from the borders.

concrete paving slabs

Avoids flooding

The second use of these gaps is to make sure the water is not collected on the floor. These gaps allow the water to seep through them, thus, always keeping your area dry.

Various designs available – Depending upon your choice, you can buy your choice of slabs, from Victorian to Italian designs to roman. Some prefer checkboard patterns, some prefer triangular, some circle in the circle, you can explain your design to the contractor.

Few  things need to be kept in mind

The process of installing concrete paving slabs is pretty which should not take more than 1 day for an average lawn size.  These slabs require maintenance after every 3 to 4 years, the gaps which earlier discussed often get filled with unwanted grasses and other objects. Sometimes the sand in between the slabs gets washed away, which needs to be filled with sealing concrete.


  1. Avoids flooding is the most important for our floor. The second use of these gaps is to make sure the water is not collected on the floor. These gaps allow the water to seep through them, thus, always keeping your area dry.


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