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Which Is Suitable Tile For Bathroom Walls


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Which Is Suitable Tile For Bathroom Walls? One of the most important questions to solve before starting the reform is the question of the finish of the bathroom walls. But the most popular today is wall decoration with tiles. And this is not by chance, because ceramic tiles have many undeniable advantages.

Tile For Bathroom Walls

The main advantages of ceramic tiles include:

  • Not hygroscopic (does not absorb moisture)
  • Resistance to all detergents
  • Ease of washing
  • Color quickly
  • Durability

Ceramic tiles retain their original appearance for many years, do not support the spread of mold and mildew and have high mechanical strength.

Let’s see how to choose the right tile for your bathroom walls. What types of coatings are there? We will also learn how to calculate the required number of tiles even before the start of the repair.

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Bathroom tile options

Depending on the design concept of the bathroom, you can choose one or another color solution that allows you to give the bathroom the most aesthetic look. The bathrooms in modern urban apartments are usually not large. Therefore, most of the time you have to look for the most suitable color scheme for a small bathroom to try to visually give it a little more volume.

In this case, it is better to prefer light-colored ceramic tiles – pastel, beige and sand tones are almost perfect. The same rule should be followed when choosing a bathroom door.  Black and white options for decorating the walls in the bathroom, as a rule, require a fairly large area of ​​the room and bright lighting. The bathroom, adorned with blue and blue tiles, looks nice.

Today ready-made tile collections are offered for sale, where tiles are selected for the basement, for the walls, for the floor and a ceramic border. It remains only to choose a color scheme.

Mosaic tiles

One of the varieties of bathroom tiles is mosaics. Mosaic tiles are very small in size and can be produced from both ceramic and colored glass. This tile looks quite original, which allows you to give the bathroom a special personality.

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Bathroom tile sizes

Ceramic bathroom wall tiles come in a variety of sizes. The most popular sizes are 20×30 cm, 25×40 cm and 27.5×40 cm. These tiles are perfect for any size bathroom. Just put it on. It is much more difficult to lay small tiles: 15×15 cm or 10×10 cm. The tiles are also produced in the sizes 10×30, 20×20, 20×44, 20×50, 23×40, 25×45, 25×50, 27×60, 30×60.

Polish tiles

Polish bathroom tiles are no less popular. Polished tiles have a high price-performance ratio and are an excellent choice for bathroom wall renovation. Polish tile companies are known all over the world. The most popular brands are Cersanit, Polcolorit and Paradyz. By purchasing tiles from these manufacturers, you can count on a high-quality product and a long service life.

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How many tiles do you need for a bathroom?

You need to calculate the number of tiles in the bathroom before you go to the store. This will allow you to purchase tiles from a batch. If the tiles are to be purchased, they may have slight color differences, which, of course, will not look very aesthetically pleasing.

In order to correctly calculate the number of tiles, you must first decide on the dimensions of the tiles that you will put on the walls. After that, calculate the area of ​​the walls minus the area of ​​the doors. You can also count on the online tile calculator.

As you can see, today the range of ceramic tiles allows you to choose tiles for all tastes and colors, according to your preferences and the renovation budget.


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