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Transform Your Home for the Holidays With Expert Styling Tips


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The living room has always been referred to as the ‘heart of the home’. It’s where we all gather together, making it one of the most important rooms to transform for the holiday season. Lights4fun’s top tips will make this transformation effortless.


Adding greenery and foliage is always a great place to start. It’s perfect for dressing mantels, walls and window frames. Faux garlands are also ideal since they won’t leave berry stains on the floor!

Lights4fun makes it easy to get creative with so many garland options. Not only can garlands be used to drape around doorways, but they can create impressive statement pieces around the home.

This is also where candles like TruGlow® come in; they complement any décor, from modern to traditional.

Here’s a tip to try with larger pillar candles: circle them with mini wreaths and watch them transform a room before your eyes.


Even though a Christmas tree is tradition for the holidays, a mini tree can still provide impact and is perfect for smaller spaces! Leave the tree naturally green or add lights to create a warm soft glow.

And even though the table might be set with the finest dishes, no home is ready for guests without a welcoming wreath on the door. Or why not go a step further and hang a wreath on a wall to bring more joy inside?

The rich ruby red berries will make a space pop! While the decorating list is getting checked off, don’t forget the much-loved tradition of an Advent calendar. They add excitement to Christmas, with a countdown to the big day.


Another tip is to follow what’s trending. To light up the festivities, neon is already showing up everywhere this season. Paired with traditional wreaths and garlands, these glowing lights with joyful messages will add a modern twist to classic décor.


There’s so many fun ways to create a welcoming space for the holiday, whether it’s family or friends visiting or just a quiet one at home.

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