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Top 5 Effective Carpet Cleaning Services


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The next time you hire effective carpet cleaning services, you should know about the carpet cleaning methods mentioned here. If you have carpet laid out at home or in your office, it requires cleaning from time to time. For cleaning carpets, you might have some idea about carpet cleaning at home. If you read this article and the five tips that are mentioned here, you can try them out at home on your own and save on hiring a carpet cleaning agency. These are some top washing methods provided by only effective carpet cleaning services.

5 Carpet Cleaning Services Provided by Companies:

Effective Carpet Cleaning ServicesEffective Carpet Cleaning Services

1. Hot Water Extraction Cleaning of Carpets-

This is a simple process and it is used to remove any solid dirt or particulate matter off the surface of the carpets. In this process, hot water is pressurized and hits the carpet at high speeds. There is also a cleaning agent that is mixed in the hot water to clean the surface of the carpet. After the water can pass, the cleaning agent may settle for 5-10 minutes so that there is no stain left behind. Thereafter it is rinsed properly and let to dry out.

2. Use Shampoo to Clean Your Carpets-

This is an age-old technique. Using this method does not come under the category of effective carpet cleaning services, as the other techniques are much better. Despite this, the process is extensively used by people at home who do not want to hire a carpet cleaning agency. It makes use of shampoo to clean the heavily soiled and dirty carpets. But it leaves foam residues if not rinsed properly and it takes a long time to dry. This method has now been replaced by the encapsulation method as discussed below.

3. Use of the Advanced Encapsulation Method-

In this method, they do use synthetic detergents that will crystallize back into a powder form. This process is highly scientific as it cleans the outer surface of the carpet by encapsulating the dirt particles. As after crystallization it forms into a powdery form, it is easier to clean and rinse the carpet once the encapsulation process is complete. Using this method is only employed by the highly advanced and most efficient carpet cleaning services. Even the synthetic detergents being used have minor damage to the environment, but ideal for soiled carpets.

Effective Carpet Cleaning Services Effective Carpet Cleaning Services

4. Bonnet Cleaning-

This is a quick fix solution that can be tried at home. It makes use of a high-speed motor where the blades are padded and immersed in the detergent solution. This removes the dirt from the top surface of the carpet. This is one of the effective carpet cleaning services provided you want the cleaning to be done quickly and the carpet to dry faster. This method is highly employed in hotels.

5. Dry Carpet Cleaning-

This is one of the most effective carpet cleaning services that is common these days. All the other process falls flat in front of this method as it is a completely dry process. You don’t have to soak the carpet with a detergent liquid or with shampoo. This ensures that you don’t have to dry out the carpet. The cleaning compound is applied at the bottom of the carpet and allowed to settle inside for some time. The compound evenly spread across the surface acts as tiny pads that soak out the dirt effectively.


So as you can see that these are the top 5 effective carpet cleaning services. Choose a method only after reviewing its benefits and disadvantages.



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