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Three Original Ways To Style A Chinoisierie Inspired Room


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Chinoiserie and Japanese inspired interiors are one of the hot trends of 2024. This luxurious and calming aesthetic is perfect for adding an original twist to a space. But styling a room in a Chinoiserie or Japanese theme doesn’t mean staying traditional.

In this article, we’ll walk you through three distinct living spaces, showcasing how this on-trend look can be styled to evoke different moods and themes—from serene and minimalist to richly traditional. Whether you’re a fan of sleek modernism, rustic charm, or classical elegance, you’ll find inspiration on how to integrate these beautiful designs into your own space.

Style 1: Go Industrial

ChinoisieriePictured: Salix wall mural in Sand by Feathr

A contemporary, industrial space was the perfect backdrop for introducing a luxe element via a chinoisierie wall mural. In this modern and serene living space, a minimalist yet striking visual impact was achieved by combining natural elements with contemporary design. The Salix willow tree mural, rendered in a monochromatic palette, was chosen as the focal point, seamlessly blending with the cool gray backdrop to evoke tranquility and a connection with nature.

Concrete floors and textured walls were incorporated to add an industrial touch, contrasting with the organic lines of the tree mural. Large windows were utilized to flood the space with natural light, highlighting the mural’s intricate details and casting dynamic shadows throughout the day.

The selection of furniture was kept minimal to avoid cluttering the visual landscape. An emerald green lounge chair, featuring plush upholstery and a sleek metal frame, was strategically placed near the mural and window, offering a comfortable spot for reflection or conversation. A modestly sized wooden table with a dark finish and angular chair was positioned on the side, serving as a practical workspace or dining area without detracting from the artistic features.

A potted plant was placed beside the chair, introducing a touch of vitality and enhancing the room’s organic feel. Through the strategic placement of artwork, furniture, and lighting, an environment that is both expansive and intimate was created, showcasing a philosophy where form meets function in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

Style 2: A Calm Cocoon


Pictured: Salix wall mural in Breeze by Feathr

In the creation of this tranquil living area, an emphasis was placed on natural beauty and simplicity, seamlessly blending organic and rustic elements with modern comforts. The wall serves as a canvas for the beautifully detailed Salix willow tree wall mural, its branches stretching across the space in a display of delicate artwork that captures both the beauty and serenity of nature. This mural, painted in soft earth tones, was chosen to dominate the room’s aesthetic, making a peaceful statement and setting a calm, inviting tone.

Concrete flooring was utilized to maintain the space’s minimalist vibe, contrasting subtly with the softness of the willow tree’s depiction. This choice supports an understated yet sophisticated base for the room’s more textured elements, such as the rustic wooden stools and the woven jute ottoman, which provide organic shapes and raw textures that echo the natural theme.

A low, plush white sofa was strategically placed under the sprawling branches of the mural, enhancing the feeling of relaxation and comfort within the space. Neutral-toned cushions on the sofa ensure the seating is inviting while keeping the color palette harmonious and subdued.

A natural fiber rug underfoot ties together the room’s elements, complementing both the color and texture of the mural and furniture. This rug not only adds warmth to the space but also anchors the sitting area, creating a cohesive look.

The addition of greenery through potted plants introduces vibrant life to the room, enhancing the nature-inspired theme. The placement of these plants around the seating area not only reinforces the connection to the outdoors but also adds freshness and a pop of color to the serene space.

Style 3: Classic Asian Fusion


Pictured: Salix wall mural in Blush by Feathr

In this elegantly designed space, an ethereal blend of Eastern aesthetics and modern minimalism was pursued. The room is anchored by the Salix willow tree mural that graces the wall with its delicate, flowing branches, painted in soft earthy tones to harmonize with the blush-colored background. This mural not only serves as a striking focal point but also infuses the space with a sense of tranquility and artful grace.

The floor, finished in a light, neutral tone, complements the minimalist theme and enhances the airy feel of the room. A traditional wooden cabinet with intricate lattice work stands along the wall, adding a touch of authentic Eastern craftsmanship. This piece is both functional and decorative, providing storage and serving as a display for an assortment of traditional ceramics and pottery that add depth and cultural richness to the room.

Beside the cabinet, a large, textured vase in muted tones is strategically placed, echoing the organic forms in the mural and adding an element of sculpture to the space. A wooden armchair with simple lines and a cushion for comfort is positioned near the window, offering a place for relaxation or contemplation while enjoying the view of the mural and the natural light streaming through.


Above the cabinet, a framed abstract floral artwork in muted tones hangs, providing a modern contrast to the traditional elements below. This piece adds a layer of visual interest and connects the modern and traditional themes that are woven throughout the room.

The versatility of Japanese and Chinoiserie themed interiors is truly remarkable. Each of the rooms we explored today highlights a different approach to this style, demonstrating its ability to harmonize with various decor styles and personal tastes. Whether you’re drawn to the calm of minimalism, the warmth of rustic accents, or the depth of traditional elements, you can elevate your space with a timeless beauty and peaceful ambiance.

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