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Pepe Calderin’s Majestic Million Dollar Penthouse In Miami


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Capturing the heart of the popular Miami, this luxurious penthouse by Pepe Calderin in partnership with Mid-Century Studio, located in one of the grandest marinas in the city, is a project defined by its excellence and high-end standards. Miami is known as the leading resort destination in the United States, due to its tropical weather and amazing white sand beaches! This penthouse is based in a prestigious marina, a quiet location for you to relax but close to major activity centers, a versatility that makes it possible for you to live in a duality of environments! The contemporary city of Miami was the indicated place for this artistic and eccentric project by the designer Pepe Calderin.

©Pepe Calderin/Mid-Century Club
©Pepe Calderin/Mid-Century Club


Pepe Calderin is a renowned Cuban Interior Designer, who has now lived in Miami for over 30 years. With offices in both New York and Miami, Pepe is known for thinking out of the box and always defying the limits of design, but certainly not neglecting its clients’ input, style, and needs! The Cuban designer has over 20 years of experience, in both national and international projects, where he has shown the public that it’s not by chance that he has been attributed numerous awards, always based on his philosophy that “spaces have no boundaries and have endless possibilities”. Backed by a team of five talented professionals, Pepe Calderin Design is dedicated to creating dynamic atmospheres that characterizes each client, a true reflection of their personality and style.

©Pepe Calderin/Mid-Century Club
©Pepe Calderin/Mid-Century Club


This penthouse is something we dream of having when we envision our future! Composed of a master bedroom, two bedrooms for your children, and even a playroom. You also get to explore a beautiful kitchen connected to the living room, a family room, and an amazing playroom for the kids to explore. But it doesn’t end there, there’s still an office for you to work from your mesmerizing home and a bar area, with a home cinema! As you take the tour throughout the house, you get to experience a true work of art. Pepe Calderin has left nothing to chance, all pieces of furniture, lighting, or decoration have a purpose and a meaning. Made out of high-quality materials and by the hands of incredible artisans, every single product in this project is from international luxury brands such as Mid-Century Club, Essential Home, and DelightFULL.

Beginning with the bar area, this space is the definition of a luxurious space to entertain your guests and test your barman skills! With gold as the predominant shade, a darker color scheme, and captivating patterns, Pepe chose our Collins Bar Chair, with the goal of enhancing the elegant and elite atmosphere of the room. Collins was a perfect choice for the space, showcasing glamour and style, it belongs to a premier ambiance and luxurious environment, bringing the mid-century exclusive side onto the plate. And for the light needed to beat your opponents in a pool game, you have the Coltrane Suspension Lamp by Mid-Century Club!

©Pepe Calderin/Mid-Century Club
©Pepe Calderin/Mid-Century Club

In the kitchen area, we have this astonishing space dedicated to the perfect start of your morning with a fulfilling breakfast! With bright accents taken from the captivating art on the walls in harmony with the Garbo Dining Chair from Essential Home, our Pietra Oval XL Estremoz Dining Table is the precise balance this room needs! Designed for eight seats, the contemporary feel of Pietra is effortlessly stylish, and its Estremoz marble goes astonishingly well with the softer palette presented in this space.

©Pepe Calderin/Mid-Century Club
©Pepe Calderin/Mid-Century Club

Throughout the master bedroom, the different aura is palpable. The use of a darker palette and solid colors, contrary to the rest of this artistic penthouse, proves that this is the space designated for relaxation.  The Athos Mirror by Mid-Century Club is certainly the statement piece of this design, inspired by Athos the Giant of Greek mythology this strong but elegant design will settle the look for any room. In its reflection, we can also see our Galliano Pendant Lamp! Its remarkable silhouette and clean shape make it an extraordinary mid-century luxury style and versatile lamp.

©Pepe Calderin/Mid-Century Club
©Pepe Calderin/Mid-Century Club

Lastly, we have the home office! A comfortable and peaceful space at home, solely dedicated to your work, is the best approach to split the leisure side of your life from the business one. This modern space is the definition of a luxurious home office design, and the most important thing is having the right chair! Our Charla Office Chair adds flair and glamour, blending in perfectly with the brass details of the furniture and lighting pieces by Essential Home and DelightFULL.

Born from the necessity of showcasing the elegant and exquisite side of the 20s to the 60s era, the Mid-Century Club is the perfect fusion of lighting and furniture design pieces originated by the sister brands DelightFULL and Essential Home.

Through the hard work and unique technique of our amazing artisans, our timeless pieces are made from the highest quality materials. The Club believes that excellency and heart-felt work is what defines and characterizes our collections.

Known to be the captivating source of color and fun from this era, the Club is here to present you with a charming, incomparable experience full of timeless moments. With an exclusive tone to each and every piece, the Mid-Century Club is here to offer an everlasting showcase of the mid-century world and its breathtaking inspirations.

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