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Mesmerizing Mid-century Apartment In New York


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New York – The Glamorous City Of Culture

Being one of the statement cities of the design movement, this luxurious mid-century apartment by Mid-Century Club, is located in the culturally diverse city of New York! Having emerged in the USA, from the design movement of the 40s and 60s, the mid-century style never left. This home can be characterized by its astonishing silhouettes and intelligent representation of the city’s essence, the Mid-Century Club designed and conceived sophisticated interiors that pair amazingly well with the distinguishable skyline. In the heart of the city, right next to the gorgeous Central Park, this prestigious apartment is located in the indicated place for its elite ambiance.

midcentury club


This elegant apartment is the definition of luxury living, with mesmerizing mid-century interiors! Composed of a master bedroom, a fully-equipped kitchen that is connected to a dazzling dining room and an astonishing large-scale living room! You also get to explore a captivating home office and, to finish in full force, the unmissable wine cellar. As you wonder around the apartment, you get to contemplate all the pieces of furniture and lighting made out of the materials of the highest quality, by the amazing artisans of the Portuguese luxury brand, Mid-Century Club.

Beginning with the entryway, this is how you welcome your guests with a grand and sophisticated approach! This space is adorned with strong pieces, such as Antin Sideboard, representing luxury and power in one piece. This darker palette space showcases the glamour and style of the city, bringing the mid-century style to the table. The subtle aura of the Galliano Wall Lamp brings out the incomparable details of this entryway, giving you the chance to take a close look at the things you don’t notice at first.

midcentury club

The dining and kitchen area were built and designed through an open space concept, and it worked in a wonderful way! The dining room is a minimalist space, perfect to start your morning in a tranquil way before stepping out to a chaotic city! With the Vinicius Dining Table, made out of solid marble makes for a strong presence in this environment, being precisely what it needed. Its stunning design is modern and elegant with a refined touch in the details. The lighting piece can’t go unnoticed, this statement Galliano Round Suspension Lamp, with its gold and black finishes, offers the prestigious and luxurious feel it exudes. In the kitchen, we have the best seats in the house just for you! This premier bar chair, Kelly, exudes the essence of history on its curved and perfectly aligned features, combining ideally with the breathtaking space.

midcentury club

The large-scale living room is where you spend the most time with your family. So, it is only fitting that it should be a design that brings you comfort while it maintains an elite component, showcasing elegant elements! With the Fitzgerald Modular Sofa, you can reunite your family members while making them feel rested, and the Hanna Chandelier embodies the premier role of this mid-century space.

midcentury club

And to fill the void you would feel on the middle of the modular sofa, the Lurhmann Center Table is the indicated piece! Wonderful retro style and strong luxurious presence, this center table with an inspiring strong look brings a beautiful modern approach to the entire living room.

midcentury club

Throughout the master bedroom, you notice a more sophisticated aura! With darker tones and sleek silhouettes, this room is proof that solid colors and simpler patterns work in a space of relaxation.

midcentury club

The Ike Pendant Lamp is a minimalist but exclusive design, adding a modern yet industrial feel to any space! Its tone contrasts with the rest of the feel of the apartment, being that the bedroom is a  more sober and serious design.

midcentury club

This home office is the designated space for you to work in peace, while seating in a comfortable yet luxurious environment! This mid-century styled office is the perfect example on how to separate your leisure time from the working hours. The Kahn II Sideboard, inspired by the monumental and monolithic style of Louis Kahn, brings a strong presence to this office with its everlasting and mature look. The same can be said about the Apotheosis Desk, characterized as the ultimate display of luxury, sophistication, and functionality, it comes together as one in a marvelous encounter of talented craftsmanship and innovative design. Although it is a serious design, it has fun features such as the Botti Table Lamp, noticeable in every room and ideal as a statement in this luxurious apartment!

midcentury club

Lastly, we have the luxurious wine cellar composed of elite furniture and lighting pieces! This Wine Cellar is the epitome of sophistication and elegance. With refined Collins Bar Chair and Brubeck Spiral Suspension Lamp, this is the perfect space to entertain your guests.

midcentury club

And, as an adding light to this unmatchable room, we have the Matheny Floor Lamps on each side of the bar area! This lamp reinvents a more classic design with a luxurious touch. Gathering influences from the jazz guitarist Pat Matheny, it incorporates elements of progressive, mid-century and exclusive design!

midcentury club

Born from the necessity of showcasing the elegant and exquisite side of the 20s to the 60s era, the Mid-Century Club is the perfect fusion of lighting and furniture design pieces originated by the sister brands DelightFULL and Essential Home. Through the hard work and unique technique of amazing artisans, timeless pieces are made from the highest quality materials. The Club believes that excellency and heart-felt work is what defines and characterizes their collections. Known to be the captivating source of color and fun from this era, the Club is here to present you with a charming, incomparable experience full of timeless moments. With an exclusive tone to each and every piece, the Mid-Century Club is here to offer an everlasting showcase of the mid-century world and its breathtaking inspirations.

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