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List Of Needful Plastering Tools That You Need To Know About


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Plastering requires the most skilled plasterers in the industry to achieve that professional finish along with a set of appropriate plastering tools to save time and effort and make the plasterer as efficient as possible. There are various tools and equipment used in the plastering work that you need to be familiar with.

To help you understand better the types of tools in plastering work, we’ve prepared a list of some of the essential plastering tools that can get your work started:


14 Essential Plastering Tools

1. Floats

This plastering tool is used to remove excess plaster from the walls and ceilings. It has a flat wooden or metal surface attached to a wooden handle. The float is available in various sizes.

2. Support Tool

This plastering tool is used to keep any molds of plaster applied to the ceiling in place while plastering is in progress.

3. Taping Knife

This plastering tool is used to apply thin layers of plaster to the drywall. The metal surface has a very thin edge that allows the proper plaster application in a uniform layer.

4. Plasterer’s Hawk

This plastering tool is used to carry excess plaster around so that the plasterer does not have to keep coming back, especially when applying plaster to the ceiling.

5. Bucket

These plastering tools are used to prepare the plaster for the project. These can usually carry around 5 gallons of plaster; hence the buckets are very strong and durable.

6. Knife

These plastering tools are used to cut bags of plaster or sheets or plastics or anything that requires cutting.

7. Paddle Mixer

These plastering tools are used to mix the plaster mixture easily. Their shape helps in breaking any lumps being formed during the mixing and provides consistency. They are attached to drills to fasten the mixing process.

8. Trowels For Bucket

This plastering tool is used to remove the plaster mix from the bucket. These trowels are shaped to remove the plasters from the walls of the buckets, ensuring less wastage.

9. Paintbrushes

This plastering tool is used for the final touch-up of the plastering work allowing the plasterer to reach the places that are tough to reach by a trowel.

10. Stand

This plastering tool is one of the simplest and most overlooked plastering tools. They come in handy to keep all your plastering material and tools in one place and move the stand wherever you are working.

11. Snips

These plastering tools are handy to cut metal beading. It is best to buy snip kits with longer handles as it makes cutting and snipping easier for the plasterer.

12. Scarifier

These plastering tools look like a comb made of metal. This tool is used after every layer of plaster is applied. This gives a stronger hold to the fresh layer of plaster applied over the rendered layer.

13. Sandpaper

This plastering tool scrapes out any uneven plaster on the wall and makes it uniform. It also helps in smoothening any coarse surface on the plaster.

14. Step Ladder

this plastering tool helps in applying plaster on heights and ceilings. These plastering tools help experts work with utmost care and attention without the fear of falling.


The above list is of the basic plastering tools you will find with every plasterer. These are needed throughout the project. There are different variations available for every type of plastering tool. There are various brands in the market manufacturing all types of plastering tools. As per your preference and convenience, go for the brands that fit your budget.

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