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Know The Easy Installation Process Of Security Cameras


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Today, security cameras have become necessary in almost all places. The use of security cameras is not now limited to just commercial places. But homeowners are also considering it important to get them installed in their houses. In industries, educational institutions, corporate offices, financial places, residential buildings, airports, bus stops, railway stations, clubs, parks, and other public places. Irrespective of government and non-government organizations security cameras have become a must to prevent dishonest people from doing scams.

An improper installation can reduce its working capacity. For example, the camera should cover a suspected area and if you don’t face it toward that area, you might miss any trespassing activity. However, the installation process of security cameras is not that tough. If you have a little knowledge, you can do it yourself by the instructions given below. Or, you can easily call a professional installer for the job. As they can find out the problems and fix the installation issues.

The Step By Step Installation Process Of Security Cameras-

1.      Decide The Location To Install:

Your first job would be deciding on a proper location to install the camera. Doors and windows are the most vulnerable places for criminals’ entry. So, you can put the camera over the front door or to any other door that you feel more suspected of. The camera face is important. Decide which part of the place must be covered and then face the camera accordingly.

However, while facing avoid direct sunlight or electric light reflection. The reflection will lower the image quality and you will find it difficult to detect the criminal. Keeping these things in mind, select a suitable location for the CCTV camera.

2.      Mount The Camera:

The next step of the installation process of security cameras is to mount them. The technicians can   find the perfect location, mark it and then drill. Screw the camera in the hole tightly so that it doesn’t fall.

3.      Run The Connecting Cables:

There would be the connecting cable between the camera and the control equipment known as DVR in short. Run the camera through a socket near the CCTV and get them up to the DVR.

4.      Set The DVR To A Convenient Location:

Now, you have to mount the DVR in a suitable location. Well, the DVR is the storage space of the surveillance hard disk where all the recordings that are taken by the camera get saved. The installation process of security cameras also needs the right placement of the DVR because it is an important and valuable thing to keep all your recorded data intact.

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So, it is always suggested to place the DVR in a covered place that can remain hidden from visitors.

5.      Connect The Cables:

In this step of the installation process of security cameras, you have to connect the cables to all the devices. Connect the cable to the DVR that you have run from the CCTV. Also, connect the output cable of the DVR to the screen where you want the recorded videos to watch.

Don’t forget to arrange these cables properly and cover them with the help of wire moldings for safety.

6.      Power On The Camera And The DVR:

Now, the time came to finally power on the camera and the DVR. Try to connect the camera and the DVR with the same power source so that you can start them on easily.

You must not forget to check whether the camera is taking the footage of the correct location as per your choice or not. Also, check whether the video and audio quality is good or not.

7.      Connect The Monitor To The DVR:

Now, with the help of a BNC port, connect the DVR to the monitor. Connecting them will facilitate viewing the recordings on the monitor screen.

8.      Set The DVR Program:

In the last step of the installation process of security cameras, you have to program or set the DVR settings with the help of the instructions given in the manual guide. Read the guide properly and program the DVR. The work should be carried out under the guidance of the installation experts.

The technicians are experts and experienced that can work on the installation process. They are aware of the hard drive that has to be installed for the functioning of the cameras.


This is a complete guide on the detailed installation process of security cameras. However, if you have any further doubts or don’t take the risk by yourself, you can easily call for the professionals.


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