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Interiors Expert shares top 5 Autumn TikTok Trends and How to get the look


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We may currently be in the height of summer but soon it’ll be time to welcome in the cooler days of autumn, and with a new season comes the opportunity for an interiors refresh. Interior retailer, ScS, has analysed TikTok data to reveal the top five autumn TikTok trends to add to your home in the coming months, and ScS interior stylist Vicki Foster shares her tips on how to get the look.

1. Go all out for maximalism

44.6 million views for #maximalistdecor
59.1 million views for #cluttercore

autumn trends

This one really is for the brave; known as ‘beautiful chaos’ or ‘cluttercore’, it’s quite possibly the hottest interiors trend on social media at the minute and extremely easy to adapt for autumn.

Many people think the way to achieve this is to just add items randomly but there’s a difference between maximalist and messy. This is all about having your favourite items on show for the world to see in a striking and engaging way.

autumn trends

Layering up soft furnishings that have contrasting textures is a great start. Once you begin to get the feel for the theme, look to your walls and identify how you can make them bold and exciting. Chose bright colours and loud patterns and combine the two to make every wall a feature wall to have an immediate impact.

Finally, statement lighting can be key here; having multiple lighting options allows you to define the light scheme of the room and create the cosy zones with the flick of a switch.

Getting the look on a budget: Making a statement with wallpaper is a quick way to make your home maximalist – from £23 (1 x roll of patterned wallpaper from B&Q).

2. Remain neutral

54.7m views for #neutralhomedecor
5.2 million views for #neutralbedroom

If you prefer things more toned down, it’s worth exploring neutral interiors to create a relaxing zone to welcome autumn.

autumn trends

But just because you’re toning it down doesn’t mean you’re being boring. By keeping your colour palette limited you can create a cohesive, interesting space that helps you feel cocooned and centred. Stick to light browns that will be bright during the day but warm in the evening, and distribute this across the entire room.

autumn trends

When it comes to accessories, don’t overcrowd your space. If the goal is to create a calm environment, you don’t want clutter. Think carefully about the decoration and choose items that add substance to the room, such as lamps, rugs, cushions that bring light and texture. Vases, mirrors and frames also work great for adding visual elements.

Getting this look on a budget: Lime paint is great for giving a textured finish to walls, stopping them from looking flat – from £22.50 (The average cost of Google Shopping).

3. Japandi-Chic

26.6M views for #japandi
1.4M views for #japandidecor

autumn trends

Japandi-Chic brings together the elegance and edge of Japanese style with the Scandinavian use of natural materials and overall love of nature.

This trend is all about keeping spaces light, functional and bringing in an element of the outside world, so make use of light wooden furniture, materials like wool and sheepskin for soft furnishings, and adorn your floor with a jute rug to really tie everything together.

autumn trends

A Japandi colour palette should use the cool brightness of Scandi-design, such as whites and greys, and combine it with the warmer colours from Japanese styles, like terracotta and beige. Scatter these throughout the room, with wall colours, accessories and furniture choices.

autumn trends

Getting this look on a budget: A jute rug can easily set the tone for this trend – from £15 (Average price taken from Google Shopping).

4. Inspired by the 70s

8.9 million views for #70sdecor
3 million views for #70sinteriors

The love for mid-century aesthetics has been very evident this year, with the 70s in particular enjoying a newfound appreciation. It’s also the perfect option for an autumn TikTok trends look.

The decade’s colour palette is known for its deep and earthy tones, with yellows, browns and oranges taking centre stage, and these are ideal for echoing the changing seasons outside, whilst keeping the warmth of the summer.

Some of the main design motifs from the era are curves, arches and swoops that can be quickly introduced by using circular or arched mirrors, accessories such as dome lamps or even getting creative with paint design on a feature wall.

Getting the look on a budget: For an immediate introduction, create a 70s inspired gallery wall as a focal point in your room – from £20 (Google Shop search for 70s wall décor, price of approximately 4 prints to create a gallery).

5. Make the most of yellow by going for mustard

1.2 million views for #yellowdecor
39,200 views for #yellowbedroom

It’s fair to say that yellow is having a bit of a moment but when thinking about its seasonal use, the right shade is important. For transitioning from summer to autumn, mustard is a popular pick thanks to its bright, yet warm, hues.

autumn trends

For a more subtle effect, use this colour in lamp shades, blankets, pillows and curtains to give your room a hint of autumn. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit bolder, create a mustard feature wall with paint or wallpaper, or make it the focal point of a living room with a mustard sofa.

autumn trends

Getting the look on a budget: Adding a light touch of mustard through cushions can be a cost-effective way to hop onto the trend – from £5 (The average cost of Google Shopping).

Great value? Comfy sofas? Flooring? Dining? Lighting? SCS is all you need with the autumn TikTok trends. SCS are one of the UK’s largest retailers of upholstered furniture and floorings, with 98 stores nationwide offering a wide range of fabric and leather sofas, one of the largest selections of flooring, dining sets, lounge furniture, along with new ranges of lighting and rugs.

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