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Inspiration & Ideas for Coffee Table Decorations to spruce up your Living Space


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A coffee table forms the central piece of furniture that ties a living room together. It is the table that is placed in the center of the seating area. Sofas and chairs are placed around the coffee table to face each other. Coffee tables thus perform multiple functions in your home. For starters, these tables are used to serve snacks and beverages to guests. Secondly, they are also used to represent one’s personal taste by decorating the tabletop. Coffee tables are stylish and functional pieces of furniture that are available in a number of designs and styles. When buying new furniture to remodel your space or furnish a new one, you will be faced with innumerable style choices. Once you have got one that fits in with the rest of your furniture, finding inspiration to decorate it beautifully is the next task. 

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Ideas for Coffee Table Decorations

Carefully picked pieces to decorate a coffee table will make it look attractive, organized, and clean. Here are some decor ideas that will enliven your living space in no time: 

  • Do not over decorate: When decorating, one of the things to keep in mind is not to overdo the decor items. Whether one purchases statement pieces, big or small, maintaining a healthy balance is key. Do not overlook the importance of negative space. Negative space or simply empty space is helpful in bringing balance. Find a few good pieces that fit together and style them according to the best configuration. This can take up some experimentation before you decide which one looks the most stunning. 
  • Statement pieces: Having a central statement piece of decor can make your table and the living space appear more sophisticated. A statement piece does not necessarily have to be an exotic-looking complex piece. A simple decorative vase with some striking fresh flowers serves just as well. An exquisite candle holder or a set of two can also be chosen to decorate the table. A Candle holder is available in a bunch of statement designs. A lot of families also have them as heirlooms. These pieces are incredibly bold and stylish. Flowers, on the other hand, bring life into your living space; not to mention the sweet fragrance they add. 
  • Balance out the pieces: By balance, what we mean is being conscious of how you mix and match contrasting designs. For example, if you have two big pieces and a small one, you would naturally put the big ones on the sides and the small ones in the center, or vice versa. Keep the decor items in odd numbers to achieve balance. If you pick a statement piece, make sure your table is big enough to have additional pieces on it without looking too stuffed. In the case of a statement piece, just a single decor item can work wonders. 
  • Storage Solutions: In order to prevent your table from getting cluttered, you can get a coffee table with storage space. Keep things like remotes and other small items, perhaps even cushions for extra seating in the storage space. This would enable you to keep your space spick and span. We cannot exaggerate the importance of having a neat space. By maintaining a neat space, your living space will appear organized, sophisticated, and well-planned, even if your coffee table is not decorated. 
  • Coffee Table Type: While decorations are an essential thing to spruce up your living space, selecting the correct type of coffee table is also necessary. Today, there are a bunch of options to choose from. In fact, people are now getting more and more creative with coffee table choices. Modern wooden or marble tables are readily available in every furniture store. Some abstract ideas include ottoman tables, nesting tables, and wood logs cut and shaped to make a lovely table. If an earthy setting is what excites you, a couple of big logs of wood, cut into the desired height, treated to be sustainable as a table, and put together to resemble a full table would give you a statement look in itself. Also, read a few table Setting Ideas for Autumn.

Apart from these ideas or techniques, there are various other things that can be done to revamp your living space. The most crucial thing to ensure is that your decor and furniture selection should be cohesive and representative of your personal style. If minimalism is your style, a nice clean room with few decor items and perhaps plants will make the most sophisticated minimalist living space to enjoy. Also, remember that this space should be usable, so functionality must be a factor when picking out different pieces. 


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