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How to use Fireplace with Ceramic Tiles


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Before facing the fireplace with stone, concrete and marble look glazed ceramic tiles, it is necessary to classify by color, size and quality of the material. It is this factor that will directly affect the future impression of the interior as a whole. For sorting, special templates are prepared from dense material, cardboard or plywood. The difference in the size of the insoles should not be more than one millimeter. In order not to cut the tiles, it is necessary to lay multiple of two elements in the horizontal row. However, if it is necessary to cut individual elements, use a metal cutter with a special victorious tip.

Fire Place With Ceramic Tiles

How To Do Ceramic Tiles Cutting Process

Cutting is done as follows. First, a cut line is drawn on the surface of the tile with an ordinary simple pencil. After that, the enamel is cut and subsequent undercutting is performed, and only after that the link is cut. For this, a hammer is used, which is struck on the surface exactly along the drawn line. Since the edges remain uneven after cutting, they must be sharpened with a carborundum block, you can also use a file. What if you want to cut a small part of the tile? In this case, use pliers, pliers or pliers. To get a quality piece, you need to clean the edges with sandpaper or a stick. The holes in the tile are made with a clamp or an electric drill. Please note that the electric drill must be equipped with a victorious surface drill.

Tiles Cutting Process

Things That Need To Check Before You Start Cladding The Fireplace

Before you start cladding the fireplace, you need to check the verticality of the walls of the hearth. In addition, the beacons are installed in the required places, which must be adhered to, since it is they who will be responsible for the horizontality of the future structure. The plane is controlled with nails driven into the corners and a weight passed to the bottom of the frame. The nails are also hammered at the bottom. Therefore, cords are pulled between the nails, which will be 7-15 millimeters from the surface of the hearth. If the layer is thicker, the tiles can settle and form a film of water, which negatively affects the adhesion of the material. If the thickness of the layer is reduced, the liquid will begin to be sucked in and the strength of the solution will decrease.

Preliminary Design Of Elements

For the preliminary design of elements, beacons are used (they can be temporary or permanent). If you decide to use temporary beacons, fix them to the wall with plaster mortar, for permanent ones use lime mortar. The type of lining: “seam in seam”, stepped or horizontal. When facing “razbezhku” the laying of tiles with different sides is used.

It hides bad seams well and perfectly decorates the home. Do not forget that this type of work is laborious and requires manual cutting, and this, in turn, involves a large consumption of material. The method from seam to seam is carried out using a level and a ruler, since strict horizontal seams and rows of tiles must be observed. Diagonal cladding is considered the most difficult. In some cases, the lining is not made to the full height of the fireplace, while it should protrude into the room by about two centimeters. The fact is that if the tile has a flat surface with a decorated fireplace. This will worsen the appearance of the design.


Since the bond strength affects the durability of the structure, be careful not to get the tiles wet before laying them. Do not immerse the material in water, as a thin film of water immediately forms on the surface, which will interfere with adhesion. You can replace the soak by rinsing the element with water. And it would be ideal to rinse the surface of the tile with a special wet brush, which is pre-moistened in prepared cement. All seams on the decorated surface of the fireplace should be uniform and the same width, use technical temporary spacers.

The tile itself is usually laid on a cement mortar, but the seams must be filled with elastic gypsum putty. This putty can be prepared on your own. To do this, you need to take one part plaster, one chalk, oil chalk putty and cement mortar (preferably thin). Gypsum putty is made from four parts of plaster and one part of dry oil. When in front of the fireplace, use only the freshest and highest quality materials.


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