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How to Find a Professional Plumber


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In our constantly changing world, there should be some solid things to rely on and professionals who are capable of providing the best quality service in any sphere. While some spheres suffer from the lack of talented specialists, still, many other areas are full of various companies offering fantastic services. Speaking of plumbing services, one of the greatest companies to mention is 5 Star Plumbing.

When you search for a specialist who can render plumbing services for you on the highest level, you may, as with any other services, face fraudulent actions and bad-quality works. However, everything is not that bad, and there are still some decent candidates on the market that guarantee the service will be delivered on time and leave a wonderful impression. 5 Star Plumbing is one such example that provides clients with qualified specialists ready to help at any time and solve any problems: from the building plumbing system construction invented from scratch to maintenance works and leaks elimination.

If we dive into the plumbing topic a bit deeper, we will understand that without a qualified plumber, it is impossible to neither build a house, nor reconstruct the existing premises. A professional plumber is a specialist who can invent the whole plumbing system of any building on the one hand and to render maintenance and repair services on the other hand.

Most likely, you have not only the pipes with running water in your house but also various devices that use water and electricity at the same time like a dishwasher or washing machine. All these require attention and a professional hand of a plumbing master. So, what should we do to find a proper specialist who will deal with all our plumbing troubles with ease?

In our review, we will talk about choosing a perfect plumber in your area who will become your emergency contact in the future and help you with all the relevant issues.

Why You Should Hire a Pro

Some people are so talented and smart that they do not understand why they would ever hire a plumber to fix something in the house. Such people may be able to change a tap or remove a sink blockage and think that there is nothing more to do about the house’s plumbing system.

However, there are many more advanced tasks that are unavailable for amateurs and require the attention of a pro. If you have a harsh leak or a broken washing machine that causes a flood, or you need to reinstall a shower or a toilet, simple skills are not enough, and you will definitely need to invite a professional plumber.

Even if the plumbing problem that occurred in your place seems to be rather simple, still, it would be best if you hire a skillful specialist who will probably solve the problem on a higher level than a person who earns a living using different work. Besides, you will have a guarantee after the work is done. So, here is a list of skills that shall be expected from any plumber.

What a professional plumber can help you with?

  • Reading a building plan and explaining schemes and details about the plumbing system
  • Assisting with the premises’ design in terms of the existing plumbing system
  • Understanding and interpreting all technical documents and drawings
  • Having enough expertise to make decisions based on their previous cases
  • Checking and diagnosing the existing system with an ability to fix any problems that occur on the way
  • Offering various actions to prevent further leaks or problems, including the reinstallment or reconstruction proposals
  • Having knowledge about the existing materials and supplies for plumbing: from pipes to taps
  • Using the up-to-date technologies and instruments to provide the service of the highest quality
  • Estimating all the lines that are responsible for water supply, sewage, drainage so that everything is in order
  • Being polite and nice to clients, including you, to leave the best impression about themselves.


Why DIY Plumbing Is Not the Best Idea

If you feel like managing plumbing problems on your own, always remember that the same trouble you are having right now may occur again and again if you don’t call a specialist. Even the smartest engineers sometimes cannot fix something that seems simple at the beginning because they don’t deal with plumbing problems every day.

So, believe us, asking a good plumber for help will definitely save you money, time, and nerves. Moreover, it will leave you with a warranty for the future, and a professional plumber will dive into the problem fully to find the core reason and eliminate the source.

Checking the License

We have to warn you that every professional plumber who operates in the United States must have a proper license by law, proving that they are officially allowed to work and have enough plumbing qualifications. This rule works for the majority of American states.

Because the license shall be renewed from time to time, it guarantees that this specific plumber works on improving their skills and updating their knowledge. While you can, of course, trust a random plumber who doesn’t have any license still, we would recommend you to ask for the license before the specialist begins to consult you or provide you with plumbing services.

Always remember that plumbing issues may be related to yours and your family’s safety, so it is a great idea to ask your plumber about their license anyway. If a plumber you have chosen says that they are officially registered (but with no license), we recommend you refuse this specialist’s services and find someone who is more qualified, which is proven by the license they have obtained.

Looking for a Qualified Plumber: Where and How?

With all the technologies available today, finding a skillful plumber has become easier than ever. Here are a couple of tips for you to ensure that you will get to the best result:

  • Use the internet

The most obvious way to find someone who can render services today is to search online. Try with simple search inquiries that include the word “plumber” and your area’s name. You will be surprised by how many results you will see.

  • Read reviews and comments

Online search is half the battle. When you see so many results, you will need to filter them somehow. And this is the time to read users’ and customers’ multiple reviews and comments regarding the finished works. These reviews will help you to avoid mistakes in choosing your perfect specialist. Don’t forget that there are fake reviews on the internet, and try searching places online that provide you with both positive and negative comments.

  • Ask your friends and family

Lastly, the proven method should be mentioned: you can always call some of your family members, friends, or colleagues who recently had plumbing issues and are ready to share the pro’s contacts. Besides, if the person who can help you has had a bad experience with a certain company or plumber, they can warn you and save you from another mistake.

Meeting with a Plumber: Questions to Ask

Let’s consider that you have finally called a certain pro and wish to arrange a meeting with them as soon as possible. The last thing we recommend is to ask them certain questions that may clarify some points and aspects of the future works.

Do not forget to ask in advance about the following:

  • The plumber’s license: whether they have it or not
  • The work’s costs
  • The plumbing expertise
  • The payment method and timeline (in advance or after the services are completed)
  • The guarantee you will have
  • The cleaning after the specialist finishes their work.

After you clarify all these things, and the answers satisfy you, do not hesitate to invite the specialist to your place and fix the problem. We hope that now, you will easily find your perfect plumber!


  1. plumbing projects can save money. Handy homeowners can make repairs to running toilets, minor leaks, and clogged drains with the right tools. Local home stores make it easy to find the right parts and offer expert tips.


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