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Choose Antique Tiles For Modern Architecture


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Along with the strong development of the association, the demand for pavers is not only about durability, beauty, but also shows its own unique style and characteristics. In anticipation of that, top tiles manufacturers have released vintage tiles with many outstanding advantages and features that suit the modern architecture.

Wood-look tiles: inspiration from nature

Inspired by hundreds of years of tiles making, antique wooden porcelain tiles are smooth, both classic and modern. In addition to paving tiles with traditional features, patterns and designs are targeting new types of tiles, smooth or glossy materials with similar patterns and colors as in nature.

With the increase in income of all classes of people, the tendency of many Indian families is to find a modern living space, close and friendly to nature and the environment. That is why the old wall tiles were born, which will satisfy all the most demanding customers.

Antique Tiles – Suitable for All Needs

The increasing speed of urbanization is proportional to the demands for creativity in architecture and tiles. Top tiles manufacturers’ antique tiles products offer consumers a reputable option, ensuring product quality and the need for use in every living space.

Whether they are country houses or popular houses, antique tiles always bring luxurious beauty, bring old features but combine modernity. old ceramic tiles are manufactured according to standards, have a certain thickness, high durability, low water permeability, resistance to mold, and moss over time.

The advantage of this type of tiles is that it has a natural beauty, a fresh and eternal color. The patterns are completely computer-designed, using digital printing technology, providing sharp and vivid images that are much more vivid than conventional tiles. In addition, imitation wood tiles and outdoor parking tiles can also be used even in outdoor spaces, or places frequently exposed to high temperatures, or in areas where many people pass, etc.


Living in the city center you can still find a house with old tiles decorating the garden. Or the throne in the summer cafes still feels the fresh air emanating from the ceramic tiles. It is a wonderful thing for anyone’s dream. Visit the top tiles exporter, we will make your dreams come true.

Why Do Many People Choose Ceramic Tiles For Bathrooms?

The choice of sanitaryware bathroom tiles is an important step in the finishing touch. Currently, most people use tiles for their bathroom as an unavoidable thing. So why are tiles so popular? The reason lies in this article, follow it.


Customer reviews overtime on the use of pavers

According to customer opinions after using original coatings: tiles are the option that basically solves all the benefits of many families because the price of tiles is very economical and model. , size, quality is also highly guaranteed.

Successfully applied in new building materials products in India, Stone tiles created a great turning point in improving the product line with the function of protecting users and respecting the environment. Above all else, tiles are capable of self-cleaning the environment, removing moss from the surface of the tile, and at the same time effectively destroying 99% of all kinds of bacteria and bacteria.

Tips For Using Tiles For Bathroom

Don’t have creative and novel ideas for bathroom tiles? The tiles are one of the suggestions that will make you feel extremely satisfied. Also, see the tips on using bathroom tile below for more tips to make your choice easier.

Tiles are one of the tiles brands that many consumers trust both for their families and for today’s projects. Produced in a modern technology line with many outstanding features such as good load-bearing capacity, optimal water repellency, and a variety of colors and sizes, providing high applicability to users. With many advantages in tile products, many consumers choose to perfect the family bathroom.

Top tiles manufacturers’ genuine ceramic tiles complete the project of your house decoration.

The current bathroom space has been considered not inferior to other areas. The bathroom will be a place to help you relieve stress and relax after a long day of hard work. You will feel better with the freshness, harmony, and soft colors of the space. Currently, tiles products are diversified in colors and patterns, providing diverse options for users. Tiles visualizer with many different colors to meet the maximum needs of users.


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