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5 Furnace Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Furnace Running Longer


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Are you worried that your HVAC system might not last as long as it ought to? Do you fear that you’ve pushed off maintenance for your furnace for too long? If so, then you need to learn all that you can about furnace maintenance to right the ship.

Doing so can help you extend the life of your unit and help your family stay comfortable throughout the entire winter. Half the battle is educating yourself, then applying what you learn.

Be sure to see below for several tips on how to make sure the furnace operates as it should for a long time to come.

1. Swap Out the Filter Often

Air filters can be the saving grace in your furnace’s overall maintenance. By simply switching them out more frequently, you can assist your unit in performing up to its expectations.

As the name would imply, an air filter is used to block dirt and dust from recycling back into your air supply. The filter catches that dust in its fabric while allowing the air to flow through into the furnace unit.

The problem is that the more dust and dirt that the air filter starts to collect, the thicker it gets and the harder it is for air to push through. This causes your furnace to work twice as hard to get the same air supply out and control the temperature in your house.

Too many homeowners neglect this process and forget to swap out their filters, leading to some costly repairs down the line.

All you need to do is simply order discount Lennox furnace filters and have them ready to be switched out each month. Simply associate the furnace filter with a monthly habit that you have.

For example, every time that you pay your mortgage/rent, make a habit of replacing the filter right after.

2. Clean Out the Air Vents

Yet another reason why the furnace is forced to compensate is that the vents are often blocked or so dirty that it’s hard for the hot air to blow through and circulate throughout your entire house.

This can cause two problems for your furnace. For one, the thermostat will continually tell the furnace that the temp in your house isn’t meeting your preferred temperature. As a result, the furnace will do all it can to make that happen (by continuously pumping hot air).

Second, the blocked vents can actually lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which can make all members of your house ill or, in some severe cases, even fatal. Not only will you have to fix the furnace, but you’ll also have to evacuate your house until it’s rid of the CO.

Start by going around your house and looking at every vent that’s inside. Make sure to unscrew the vent lid from each and dust inside the air duct. Wipe off the vent lid as well to ensure it isn’t blocking hot air from getting out.

Lastly, make sure there aren’t any major pieces of furniture blocking a vent or two in your house. This can cause the catastrophic forming of carbon monoxide.

3. Test the Thermostat

As previously mentioned, the thermostat has a huge part to play in your HVAC unit’s performance. It’s tasked with ensuring that the climate in your house fits your demands.

Be sure to check it every so often to make sure it’s performing as it should. If you’ve noticed that your furnace either is constantly running or won’t run at all, the thermostat could be to blame.

You might also notice that the thermostat is running low on power or doesn’t match the temperature in your house. Try adjusting the temperature and, if the furnace doesn’t turn on soon, then you have an issue.

Fortunately, this is a relatively easy fix. If the thermostat is low on power, simply fill it with new batteries. If it’s malfunctioning, consider replacing it with a new adjustable thermostat.

4. Clear the Surrounding Area

Ladies and gentlemen, let this serve as a formal announcement: the area around your furnace isn’t extra storage space. There shouldn’t be any items that are stored inside of it.

This can become a fire hazard for your home, especially if you have an older furnace that is powered with a pilot light. All it takes is one item to slip underneath and catch on fire.

It also makes it more difficult for a repairman to access your furnace. Always keep the area clean for any future visits. That way. your issues can be solved quickly.

5. Make Sure CO Detectors Are Functional

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is more common than you might imagine. However, if it’s detected quickly enough, it won’t pose a threat to you and your family.

The health issues occur from frequent exposure to it. Families that are harmed by it are those that don’t have operational CO detectors in their home.

Make sure that your detectors are working up to your standards. Switch out the batteries with fresh new ones to ensure your family is protected throughout the entire winter.

Use These Furnace Maintenance Tips to Your Advantage

Now that you have seen several amazing furnace maintenance tips for your home, be sure to use them to your advantage today.

Start by addressing the air filter problem first and foremost. Make sure the filter is completely clean so that your furnace isn’t forced to work any harder than it already is.

Be sure to browse our website for more articles on furnace maintenance, as well as many other topics that you’ll enjoy reading about.


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