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11 Essential Small Appliances for your Kitchen to Make your Life Easier


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Life feels easy when you have all kinds of necessary appliances in your kitchen. This rule of thumb is especially applicable when it comes to your kitchen because over here, you will need both large and small appliances that can save you time and energy.

Despite the fact that large appliances such as refrigerators, dishwashers, etc, play a crucial role in the regular functions of the kitchen, small appliances give comfort and satisfaction in your kitchen. Make sure you get appliance insurance for all types of appliances of your home and kitchen.

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Following is the list of 11 essential small appliances to keep in your kitchen.

1.Coffee Maker

Coffee makers are necessary small appliances to have in your kitchen. Like other small appliances, coffee makers are not found outside of the kitchen. In today’s life coffee makers are found everywhere. They are found in hotel rooms, offices, etc because having a hot cup of coffee at the start of the day makes you feel energetic throughout the day. Having a coffee maker saves a lot of time in making coffee.

2.Toasters and toaster ovens

Toasters and toaster ovens are the basic appliances found in almost everyone’s kitchen. Toasters help to make bread and bagel crunchy and crispy, whereas toaster ovens help to melt the cheese and warm up the food.


Blender is the best option for those who require to mix sauces, soups, juices, etc. Blender and food processors are two different things, blenders have the ability to blend two or more ingredients simultaneously so there is no need to get confused between a food processor and a blender. The motor of a blender is less powerful as compared to a food processor, also its blades are less sharp so it is better to use a blender with more liquid and icy stuff.

4.Food processor

The food processor is more powerful than a blender. They are useful for chopping vegetables in a short amount of time. As the motor and blades of a food processor are powerful you can chop more items than a blender. Most of the processor comes with the variation in blades so that you can select a suitable blade as per your need. Most of these machines come with a warranty and also lookout for a home warranty.


Ask any baker how difficult and boring it is to stir a cake batter and bread dough. A mixer makes it easy to mix wet and dry ingredients together for example mixing flour and egg. Some mixers also come with dough-hook attachments which are great for kneading.

6.Electric grill

There is a variety of electric grills such as clamshell grill, a panini grill, electric griddle, etc all types of the electric grills are found in the kitchen these days. Electric grills are small in size, smoke-free, and more convenient to clean. Food that is cooked on an electric grill has a great taste and is much healthier than pan-fried food.

7.Slow cooker

Slow cookers are also known as crock pots. The slow cooker is useful for a busy chef as they can start preparing the meal in the cooker before leaving the home and by the time they reach home the food is ready. A slow cooker allows the food to get cooked in the boiling liquid all day or night to give your family a home-cooked delicious food.


A microwave oven is the most beloved unit in terms of small appliances. In fact, for many people having a microwave provides an entire kitchen experience. The time required in heating up the food in a microwave is half the time required in heating in the conventional oven or on a gas stove. It is very easy to operate a microwave and is long-lasting.


Foods like french fries, chicken fingers, hush puppies, etc are all made with the help of a deep fryer. However, the food made in a deep fryer is not as healthy as an electric grill but is the most popular appliance as it brings the same restaurant taste at home.

10.Rice Cooker

Having rice in your diet gives you lots of protein. Most people don’t know the right way to get perfectly cooked rice, that is why sometimes the rice remains undercooked. But with the help of a rice cooker, you will always get perfectly cooked and tasty rice.

11.Waffle maker

If you like waffles a lot then you might already have a waffle maker. If you do not have a waffle maker it is high time you should have one. Waffle makers are every home cook’s best friend on Sunday mornings. Waffle makers help you to get a great breakfast in just a few minutes. Waffle is a thing we all love and waffle maker is a thing we all need.


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