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Best Shapewear Wholesale Supplier I Met


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As the world situation gets better with many countries loosening up and back pre-pandemic phase, gyms and fitness clubs are opening again. Besides this, many people are going out more for lunch with friends and families, dinner dates or parties. Women would want to look good while dressing up and flaunting their styles. Shapewear is the solution for such occasions to smooth any lumps underneath the clothes. Therefore, the demand for high quality compression and shapewear products will increase all over the world.

With this in mind, I have decided to take advantage of this lucrative market and become an entrepreneur. I have set up an online store to sell high quality seamless shapewear and wholesale waist trainers with logo for women.


The Best Shapewear Wholesale Supplier

The first thing I did was to look for a dependable source of quality shapewear that offers a wide range of affordable women’s shapewear and waist trainers that are also effective. Besides this, the manufacturer should also be able to offer low minimum wholesale quantity.  This would allow me to place small orders in the beginning and gradually increase the order as the sales pick up.

Fortunately, I was able to find the best shapewear wholesale supplier and it is none other than Waistdear, a leading global online retailer that produces a wide selection of shapewear and waist trainers using cutting-edge technology and innovative fabric to provide the best shaping effects. They also offer private labelling for people like me who want to start a shapewear business. This saves me a lot of time and money because I do not have to design a product from scratch.  I can depend on Waistdear’s stylish range best affordable shapewear that are created using groundbreaking and innovative technology.

Popular Range Of Shapewear And Waist Trainers From Waistdear

This shapewear wholesale supplier has a diverse product line that is seamless and comfortable.  Check out their popular collection below:-

Side Zipper Body Shaper

This wholesale backless bridal bodysuit shapewear offers firm compression to comfortably and effectively sculpt the body from the back and waist down to the tummy and thighs. The boyshort design ends at mid-thigh and is great for slimming thighs.  Its lace hems and plastic bone on each sides prevents curling and rolling up. It also has detachable and adjustable shoulder strap for flexible wearing choices.

Body Shaper

Latex Compression Belt

This compression strap is made with a combination of high-quality polyester and latex. It is highly resilient and when worn around the waist will help to increase body temperature to escalate calories burning. It also has 6 pieces of segmented hooks for easy tightness adjustment. This wrap band has undergone 10,000 elastic test to ensure its elasticity and durability.


High Waist Short Shapewear

Designed to smooth out curves while gently flattening the tummy and slimming thighs, this high waist short features 3 buckles that can be attached to the bra for staying power. It has double layer tight material structure that can effectively flatten the tummy and slim the legs. It also offers a butt-lifting effect

Shapewear Wholesale Supplier

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