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Affordable Blue-Light Protection and Sunglasses


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As we continue to plug away on our devices for work and play, it’s important to remember how sensitive our eyes are. Of course, with so much of our world being online, it’s hard to reduce our screen time.

Thankfully, there are products out there to help filter out the blue light from our screens and give our eyes a little relief. Blue light lens frames aren’t new, but the need for them has increased with working from home and social Zoom calls. Popular contacts brand Biofinity has also created Biofinity Energys™, the only contact lenses to feature Digital Zone Optics™ for added protection from the harmful blue light our screens give off.

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The best part? You can save your eyes at an affordable price! Coastal not only carries Biofinity Energys™ and a variety of blue light frames, but they have reduced their prices on these products just when we need it the most and offer quick and safe delivery during a time when you shouldn’t venture out for pick-up.

Head over to Coastal today to view their entire collections and give your eyes a break – you’ll be thankful you did! As the Summer is here and the sun is shining bright, which means it’s time to take your look to the next level!

summer coastal

For the best sunglasses for summer at affordable prices, look no further than Coastal. With a variety of options from classic to glamorous and designer frames for less, you can’t go wrong.

But which brands should you be looking at this summer? For starters, you can go with a name that’s been trusted for years – Ray-Ban. As one of the most iconic sunglasses brands in the world, their frames complement almost everyone. However, if you’re looking for a more athletic look, there’s always Oakley.

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Created with quality craftsmanship, Oakley sunglasses are resistant, protective, and made for active lifestyles. And then there’s Dior. Dior sunglasses are designed for fashion lovers and women who aren’t afraid to shine.

Check out their latest collection for a new summer look with the above brands and more; then, head over to Coastal and start shopping!

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