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A Quick Review of Rinnai Hot Water Service


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Rinnai hot water service is a global brand that has made a mark for itself in Australia. The company has been operating in Australia for the last 40 years and has catered to the market requirement by bringing in some of the best hot water service systems. People want to buy a hot water service system that can put an end to all their worries and also provide them with a product that is long-lasting and efficient service. Rinnai hot water service system is known for its superior performance and has become a common name in the Australian household. In this blog, we will be exploring some of the best products under the brand.

Rinnai Gas Storage Hot Water Systems:

Rinnai Hot Water Service

The gas hot water service system is very popular and is known to provide efficient heating. Rinnai hot water service powered by gas comes with vitreous enamel lined steel tanks. This makes it highly efficient and also free from corrosion. Moreover, the company also guarantees an 8-year warranty on their products. It comes with a 4.7-star energy rating which makes it an energy-efficient system.

These are compatible with natural gas. The larger model comes with a capacity of 170L and is suited for larger households. You can look up the internet for detailed features of the various the model.

Rinnai Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

Electric hot water systems are very common in the market. And if you are looking for the best hot water system, then you must consider Rinnai Hot Water Service. The election model is suitable for any household size. You can find the Rinnai Hot Water Service system ranging between 25 L and 400 L. So based on the requirement of your household, you can choose the one for your need.  All these models come with a sacrificial anode and vitreous enamel for durability.

This one comes with a safety feature of auto shut-off. Also, the starting capacity of the electric Rinnai Hot Water Service is 160 L.

Rinnai Solar Boosted Hot Water Systems

Nowadays, people are looking for environment-friendly products. A solar-powered hot water service system is far more effective and also has no adverse impact on the environment. Rinnai Hot Water Service has focussed on creating an efficient solar hot water system that is of high quality and also meets the climatic conditions in Australia. The company has come with models that can be either mounted on the roof along with the solar panels, or one can opt for grounded tanks.

You will also find the coupled system; these are the premium models under the solar panel hot water system. These tanks have the capacity of 180L-300L, making them suitable for middle to a large households. To make their products aesthetically appealing, the company also provides color bond colors making them match the aesthetics of your place.

There is yet another category of the sun master series. The grounded system is suitable for large households. There are bigger capacity systems available with the brand, and based on your requirements, you can choose the best one.

Rinnai Heat Pumps

Rinnai Hot Water Service

The next popular category is the heat pumps. If you wish to save on the electric bills, then the Rinnai heat pumps are a good option. It transfers the heat from the air outside, and then it heats up the water. This will reduce your extra costs by using lesser energy. Heat is provided to all the rooms regardless of the area of the room.

It is made of stainless steel, comes with a 10-year warranty, and can generate up to 700L per day. Moreover, these heat pumps are also eligible for a rebate from the government. So you must not miss asking the supplier about the same.

These are some of the popular Rinnai hot water service systems; make sure that you assess your needs and choose the best one.

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