Health15 Ways To Put A Spring In Your Step...

15 Ways To Put A Spring In Your Step This Season


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With the days starting to get longer and warmer, it’s time to embrace the excitement of the new season ahead. From skincare to wellness and nutritional products, we’ve got your transition covered from head to toe.

Here’s 15 ways that you can put a spring into your step as we look forward to a new era of hope and beginnings.

Transformation Essential Oil – 15 ml

Transformation is an invigorating and bright blend of Idaho Blue Spruce, Ocotea and Sacred Frankincense. Dab onto your neckline for an uplifting and empowering fragrance, inspiring you let go of the old and embrace the new. Dilute with a carrier oil, placing onto your chest while meditating, elevating mindfulness and positivity for more meaningful, joyful moments.

Super C Tablets – 120 ct

Super C is the perfect way to start your day! These one a day tablets contain a bumper boost of vitamin C. Also high in manganese to support normal metabolism.

Dragon Time Essential Oil – 15 ml

This powerhouse blend features a bright and seductive combination of sweet Jasmine, fresh Marjoram and soothing Lavender for an irresistible herbaceous aroma. Breathe directly from the bottle for an instant hit of positivity, or place on your neckline for an energising long-lasting fragrance. Create an instantly warm and refined body mist by adding a few drops into a spray bottle filled with water. Let in the new and let go of the old with an unforgettable blend, made from the finest herbs and botanicals.

Progessence Phyto Plus Essential Oil – 15 ml

Capturing pure Frankincense, Bergamot and Peppermint, this delectably botanical offering is perfect for adding to your beauty routine. Use it day or night, onto your face, revealing a cleansed, clear and radiant complexion. For an enriching and nourishing skin-treat, you may wish to further dilute with coconut oil.

Lady Sclareol Essential Oil – 15 ml

Find inspiration with the floral and vibrant scent of Lady Sclareol. Featuring Ylang Ylang, Geranium and Vetiver. Apply a few drops into your favourite body balm, body oil or hand wash, revealing soft and nourished skin. Or dab onto your neckline for a long-lasting enticing fragrance.

Charcoal Grey Lantern Diffuser

Complement your décor and set the mood with this Lantern Diffuser by Young Living. A warm and welcoming invitation for guests, this stunning lamp, made with exquisite metal and glass details, transforms any room by permeating the air with the aroma of your favourite essential oils.

Fashion Shawl

Accompany the warmth you feel inside your heart with this super soft and wonderfully cosy Fashion Shawl. With its gorgeous biscuit shade, black fringe detailing and snug feel, this shawl will be a stylish and effortless addition to every outfit. Great for layering on colder days, yet light enough to wear way into Spring, this shawl is sure to be a must-have accessory this season.

Lavender Hand & Body Lotion

Bring life back to your skin with this all-natural lightweight moisturiser infused with skin-loving lavender essential oil. Added nutrients such as wolfberry seed and jojoba oils fortify your skin’s natural moisture barrier to maintain long-lasting hydration.

Lavender Bath & Shower Gel

Relax your body and rejuvenate your mind with a soothing bath of nature’s finest lavender essential oil. naturally-derived ingredients work to refresh and condition your skin as you unwind from your busy day. Pour directly into the water for a luxurious bubble bath, or drop a quarter-sized amount onto a bath sponge and lather.

Lavender Volume Shampoo

Lavender Volume Shampoo gently cleanses and volumizes fine hair while nourishing and restoring balance. Long known for its ability to improve the appearance of hair and skin, lavender oil works its fragrant magic to enhance the natural beauty of your hair. Added botanical extracts, vitamins, and essential oils remove buildup that comes from commercially sold hair products while maximizing body. Renewing and invigorating, Lavender Volume Shampoo contains MSM, a sulfur compound that is known for strengthening hair.

Lavender Essential Oil – 15 ml

Find your happy place with this lovely sweet oil. Steam distilled from the flowering tops, this shrub-like plant is part of the mint family and calms the mind, body and soul. Referred to as “blue gold,” this floral oil was featured in Ancient Roman bathing rituals. It is believed to support a good night’s sleep. Known as the Father of modern aromatherapy, René-Maurice Gattefossé, an early 20th century French chemist was said to discover the soothing and refreshing effects of Lavender when the wonder oil helped with healing a burn.

Forgiveness Essential Oil – 5 ml

Savour the scent of the sweet and spicy essential oil blend Forgiveness. Transform your everyday routine by dabbing this fragrance on your neckline, letting go of the past and embracing positive new adventures. You may like to rub a drop or two (diluting if needed) onto your chest, enjoying the notes of Frankincense, Rose and Geranium. Capturing precious Rose, believed to open up the heart chakra, linked to unconditional love, self-compassion and self-nurturing.

NingXia Red® – (2 x 750 ml)

Add a daily shot of NingXia Red® to your diet to enjoy the benefits of this tasty and refreshing beverage. This sweet and tangy drink’s formula includes wolfberry. Also featuring plum, aronia, cherry, blueberry, and pomegranate juices and extracts, it’s packed with tart and fruity flavours. In addition to these ingredients, NingXia Red’s formula includes pure vanilla extract and Lemon, Orange, Yuzu, and Tangerine essential oils for a great-tasting treat.

Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood^ Essential Oil – 5 ml

Enhance your wellbeing, pressing pause, with this rich and woodsy scent. Dilute with a carrier oil, dabbing onto your neckline and pulse points while meditating or practising yoga. Add a few drops into a hot bath and let your worries melt away as you take in the comforting and inviting notes. Blends well with Lavender, Geranium or Bergamot

Spearmint Essential Oil – 5 ml

Fresh, stimulating and pungent, Spearmint is slightly less potent than Peppermint. Containing Mentha spicata, this oil cleanses and invigorates skin, awakening mind, body and soul. Steam distilled from leaves, this oil is perfect for adding to a carrier oil for an enlivening massage. Or dilute with a carrier oil and rub a few drops onto your chest and pulse points for a bright minty burst of energy. It can also be added to soaps, body wash or shampoo for gently cleansed hair and body.

Young Living Essential Oils is the world leader in essential oils, offering the highest-quality oil-infused products available with its European headquarters based in Chiswick, London. Young Living takes its industry leadership seriously, setting the standard with its proprietary Seed to Seal® quality commitment, which involves three critical pillars: Sourcing, Science, and Standards. These guiding principles help Young Living protect the planet and provide pure, authentic products that its members can feel confident about using and sharing with friends and family.

Young Living’s products—which all come from corporate-owned farms, partner farms, and Seed to Seal-certified suppliers—not only support a healthy lifestyle but also provide opportunities for over 6 million global members to find a sense of purpose and whole-life wellness by aligning their work with their values and passions.

For more information on Young Living, please visit Young Living Website where you can order any of the products or Amazon website.

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