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What Are the Minerals in Tap Water and Should We Be Scared?


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The water we drink is essential for all life on Earth. Access to clean, quality, and soft water are absolutely essential for a healthy lifespan and proper physical, biological, and mental functioning.

It is therefore unsurprising that increasing numbers of health-conscious Americans are questioning the quality of the water coming out of their faucets, and what can be done to maximize the quality of their drinking water.

One of the most important aspects of water is the minerals that it contains. Minerals in tap water vary widely and have a large number of different properties and health benefits. Read on to find out absolutely everything you need to know about the mineral content of tap water.

1. Important Minerals in Tap Water?

The water that the vast majority of Americans drink on a daily basis contains a number of key minerals that make up the majority of water content. Many of these minerals contain nutrients that are essential for living a healthy life, while others may have less obvious benefits. The essential minerals in tap water are:

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• Magnesium: This is a solid grey element that often finds its way into our tap water from the natural environment that the water is stored. Magnesium has been proven to prevent cardiovascular disease and improve heart health.
• Calcium: Calcium in tap water is ubiquitous and usually is found more in groundwater. Calcium is essential for healthy bones and strong physical development.
• Sodium: Sodium is usually released naturally into tap water from mineral deposits that are found in groundwater and surface water. Sodium is needed as part of a healthy diet, but too much can cause serious health problems.
• Fluoride: Most of the fluoride found in our tap water is added to it artificially by authorities to treat it and keep the water clean. Fluoride is also thought to be important for preventing tooth decay, hence why it is found in toothpaste.


2. Are All Minerals in Tap Water Healthy?

If you are wondering if the main minerals in tap water are healthy, the answer is yes. The World Health Organization lists all of the above minerals as “essential” components of safe and healthy drinking water. These commonly found water minerals keep your body, heart, bones, and skin healthy and are absolutely essential.

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However, it is not all good news. Sodium, for example, has been shown to cause heart disease when consumed in excess. However, the amount of sodium in most tap water is far too little to be of concern here.

3. How Do Minerals Affect the Quality of Tap Water?

While the minerals found in tap water are all good for you and suitable for human consumption, quality and taste are issues entirely. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium are the primary causes of “hard” water which often tastes worse and is less suitable for washing and cooking.


If you wish to soften your water, you can reduce the presence of these minerals with water softener resin. You can learn about water softener resin and decide for yourself whether this increasingly popular solution is what you need to improve your drinking water.

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