HealthThe Many Benefits of Goat milk in Your Skincare

The Many Benefits of Goat milk in Your Skincare


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Today we’re discussing butter! It’s not the type of butter you’ll discover in a biscuit or spread on toast for breakfast. This time, we’ll take an in-depth look at two of the most essential butters you can use on the skin, Shea Butter and chocolate butter. Utilizing products for your skin that are made of natural butters is a great method to provide your skin with an extra boost of Goat milk soap moisture and help keep your skin smooth, strong and healthy. If you suffer from rough skin or cracked lips or are suffering from irritation, put your money on these products to soothe even the most sensitive types of skin.

Shea and cocoa butters are derived from trees. Shea butter comes from it’s African shea, Vitellaria paradoxa,and the butter is taken from the fruit’s kernel. Cocoa butter has a faint scent of chocolate and is derived from the tropical Theobroma cacao tree. Cocoa butter is made out of the cacao bean (yep it’s the same one that is used to create chocolate!) It is used in baked goods as well as other foods (so you can say that the butter is used in cookies).

It’s likely that cocoa and shea butters are rich in saturated fats, particularly Oleic (omega-9) and the stearic acid. Shea butter also contains significant levels of antioxidants and vitamins E and A. Vitamin A aids in collagen production, the factor that keeps our skin youthful looking. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that may reduce skin appearance due to UV sun damage on the skin. So, you can also categorize shea and cocoa butters in the category of anti-aging substances!

Best ingredients that you can apply to your skin

Cocoa butter has vitamin E and vitamin K along with omega-3 6 and 9. Vitamin K is well-known for helping blood Goat milk lotion flow in the process of clotting effectively and reduce swelling and bruising. If you are suffering from breakouts or acne, vitamins K could be an effective ally to help heal and stop scarring.


Shea butter (along with other wealthy, Bend Soap Company favorite ingredients such as honey, olive oil, as well as honey) was believed to have been utilized by Cleopatra.

According to legend, she kept containers of shea butter that was not refined in her purse to moisturise her skin. The evidence of shea butter goes from at least 14th century in the medieval town of Saouga. Shea butter was brought into Britain in the late 1800s, and its popularity only increased from there. In the present, it is one of the best ingredients that you can apply to your skin.

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