HealthRejuvenate Your Inner Self With Energy Healing!

Rejuvenate Your Inner Self With Energy Healing!


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Energy healing consists of a broad range of therapeutic modalities that focuses on channeling healing energy into a person’s body. The practitioner helps your body to bring energy fields into balance improving the health and wellness of body, mind, and spirit. Graduates of energy healing certification training specialize in healing touch, Reiki training, polarity therapy, and much more.

Energy healers break through the energetic blocks in the body enabling the body to heal itself. Energy healing therapy follows scientific principles that explain how we are all made up of molecules that are vibrating at all times. it raises the vibration of the molecules in the body. Higher frequency vibrations allow the body to heal itself better and interact with its surroundings. The energy healer brings the body’s energy centers into balance enhancing the health and wellness of the mind, body, and spirit.

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The individuals who undergo energy healing certification training practice energy healing to help their clients heal from a wide range of ailments such as:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Depression
  4. Infertility
  5. Chronic body pain
  6. Fatigue

Energy healing practices include a variety of techniques, including:

  1. Reiki: A healing therapy that targets the energy fields that surround the body.
  2. Acupuncture: This practice involves tiny needles inserted into the skin to balance energy.
  3. Reflexology: A healing therapy where the practitioner applies pressure to specific points of the hands and feet that correspond with the organs and systems of the body.
  4. Lymphatic draining and massage: Massages based on the idea to reduce toxins in the body and relax sore muscles.
  5. Meditation: A practice of mindfulness to achieve a calm state of mind.

Energy Healing Certification

When looking into becoming a certified energy healing therapist, individuals consider taking online courses at their convenience. Many energy healing techniques do not require hands-on training or learn from an instructor in person. Hence taking up spiritual healing courses online is a great idea!

What do you learn in Energy Healing School?

The typical curriculum at an energy healing school includes:

  1. The history and theory of energy medicine
  2. Perception of energy fields in the body
  3. Techniques of energy healing

Many programs may also offer training in specific modalities, such as Reiki training or vibrational healing.

How long does the Energy Healing certification take to complete?

Depending on the level of training, Energy healing training can take a few weekends or even a year. Master-level training of certain modalities requires a year or longer.

What is the average Energy Healing School Fee?

Different training programs and other basic energy healing training cost as little as a few hundred dollars. Whereas, more comprehensive training programs at energy healing school can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $15,000.


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A certified energy healing practitioner helps clients with a wide range of ailments, from anxiety to chronic pain to cancer treatment side effects. Energy healing practitioners can practice this as a side hustle if they want to continue with their original jobs. Although there is no specific regulation of licensing for energy healers, professional certification is often a valid certificate. Individuals receive these certificates while learning online or offline from professional energy healing training schools. Hence energy healing therapy can be incorporated as a part of your massage therapy business.


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