HealthInternational Health Counsellors launch New Online Diploma Course on...

International Health Counsellors launch New Online Diploma Course on Plant-based Nutrition


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Leading health counsellors Marlene Watson-Tara, author of Go Vegan, and Bill Tara, author of How To Eat Right & Save The Planet, launch the MACROVegan Health Coach Course.

The course is focused on providing a learning experience for everyone who wants to contribute to a healthy world. Unlike other similar courses on plant-based nutrition, this course delves deeply into the ancient history of this approach to understand the impact it has on our world today.

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We are living in difficult times, and the need to understand health, and have the skills to lead an earth friendly way of life has never been so important. The health benefits of a vegan diet are plentiful with a focus on wholegrain, beans, vegetables from land and sea, fruits, nuts and seeds. Many of these foods offer fibre, antioxidants, and several essential nutrients and the lack of animal-based products means a decrease in saturated and trans-fats. Many people have also adopted a vegan lifestyle because it’s better for the environment as meat-based diets use more resources, including land, water, and energy to produce food, and create twice as many greenhouse gas emissions than the production of plant-based foods. The MACROVegan Health Coach Course is designed to provide the practical tools to help participants achieve personal health goals and help make the world a better place for all.

While designed for all, the course is especially useful for those that want to deepen their study of natural health care and macrobiotics. It is also a valuable addition to the practice of professionals such as fitness coaches, yoga teachers, vegan or business coaches or other practitioners of alternative health care.


Tutors Marlene and Bill are enlightening and knowledgeable speakers, passionate about their vision for the world. Marlene is a dedicated health counsellor and teacher with a belief that Veganism is the solution to the long-term health problems of the world. As well as running cookery courses on vegan food, and health counselling, she has recently published a book, Go Vegan, an ultimate guide to delicious, everyday food for the health of one’s family and the planet. Together with her husband Bill, they have created the “Human Ecology Project”. This encompasses workshops covering health, Macrobiotic Counselling and MACROVegan cooking.

The MACROVegan Health Coach Course is the couple’s latest enterprise, utilising a combined 90 years of teaching experience, which is already attracting students from 27 countries with diverse backgrounds. Available entirely online the course includes 37 video classes and 900 pages of educational tutorials, and eight hours of one-to-one zoom time with Bill and Marlene. Modules include nutrition, cooking, diagnosis and health coaching and the whole course can be completed at a time of the students’ convenience.

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Nutritionists who have already graduated on the course claim it has opened a huge window of opportunity for them, with many now offering cooking classes alongside their nutrition consultations. For many yoga teachers, educating others on the principles of vegan cooking and nutrition alongside their passion for Ahimsa – the ancient Indian principle of non-violence – goes hand in hand. The possibilities are endless for massage therapists too, who can offer nutrition and many home remedies for a wide range of ailments that their clients are struggling with. Acupuncturists have also found the diploma course to be of huge advantage to their business: after encouraging many of their clients to change their diets to plant-based whole foods alongside acupuncture sessions, individuals are seeing incredible results.

The MACROVegan Health Coach Course now available. For more information and to book a place, please visit here.

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