HealthHow Christmas 2020 Would Be Like?

How Christmas 2020 Would Be Like?


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Christmas is the best part of the year people wait for. This time there is uncertainty and a sense of fear all around the world due to coronavirus. The Christmas joys are in great doubt as people are confined to their homes and public life is almost dead. The covid hit the USA more hard in the first wave, many people got affected and died, a good number of people also recovered but there is no confirmation about them about not getting infected again. We need to be extra conscious and careful in the second wave that is just knocking on our doors. Don’t open the door! It’s a corona.

I have received several Custom Cookies Boxes for the food businesses that were spreading the awareness to avoid Corona. The printed boxes were also giving hope for a happy Christmas this year. The line I considered for myself, I would suggest to the readers too, is “Don’t lose hope, this Time shall pass”. We need to celebrate this Christmas with full happiness and joys, but what is needed to be done on an individual basis to avoid the virus? This blog is addressing this topic today.

COVID Precautions for Christmas 2020:

Here are the precautions for this Christmas. You need to be extra careful because the event may allow the virus to enter your home and affect you and your family. Don’t let it happen.

Community Gatherings Should be Avoided:

If it is important to attend a community celebration, you need to check the arrangements and SOPs of the gathering. Also, see the covid cases in the area and the possibility of getting infected. First of all, on this Christmas, you should not go out in public because you can be the carrier of the virus or can cause the bad spread of the coronavirus which is already destroying humanity very badly.

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Don’t go into the Halls:

If the gathering is outside somewhere, that can have less exposure of covid. If the people are like rushing in and it is a hall gathering, a strict No for attending the event would work. The small halls that have no ventilation and are closed, congested have more chances to have the virus.

Time Duration of the Gathering Also matters:

For the short time, if you have to attend the party in the open space, that would have fun. But if the event is long-lasting, there is a threat of getting infected easily. Don’t stay out late. Need to be at home as early as possible.

Big Gathering?

Is there a big gathering and more people are coming from other regions? There is a suggestion not to attend the event and say sorry to the managers. The Sorry will not be considered as a rude reaction because everyone knows it is corona and needed to be taken seriously. Everyone is conscious and if taking it seriously, nobody has a reason to get angry about it.

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Christmas Holidays out?

Not a good idea, but though, if you have to travel to the other states or regions, check the corona rate and the number of people dying there of corona. You will get the idea of whether you should go to the place or not.

Gatherings at Home this Christmas:

Not recommended. But if you have to arrange a small gathering at home, host on your lawn or the rooftop. This is safe. You have to take care of all the Standard SOPs to follow. Home gatherings should be limited to time and short. In the UK or US, more people at home are not allowed other than those who are already living. So you need to pay for the fine if breaking the rule.

If You have Only a Hall or Congested Place to Host:

There must be windows and places that can ventilate the air in the room or hall. The guests can feel safe and comfortable if the hall is not closed and congested. There is a great threat of corona in the closed and congested places so take care of this thing and make arrangements accordingly.

Tent Gathering is Safe:

Tent gathering is safe as compared to the home gathering. But you need to take care of the proper distance. A distance of 6 feet between people is recommended on days of the corona. Teach your kids and people coming to the event to maintain distance.

No Shake Hands, No Hugs, No Kisses:

No handshakes, hugs, and kisses are suggested in the corona days. You can be a carrier of the coronavirus and can forward the virus to the other person by doing these things. The countries where the cheek kisses and hugs were traditions had banned them. The hand-shake should also be avoided as per the standard SOPs of the World Health Organization.  The Christmas without hugs, handshakes, and kisses would be the same joyous as before, don’t worry.

Wear Face Mask, Use Hand Sanitizers:

It is important every time to wear a mask and disinfect your hands by using hand sanitizers after some time. Don’t touch the sufaces unnecessarily. Touching eyes and nose should also be avoided. Put the anti-bacterial Hand wash on the shanks in your washrooms and washing areas.


Disinfect the Surfaces:

If inviting the guests at home, make sure to disinfect the surfaces at your home. Put extra masks and gloves at home so the guests coming to your home may need them.

Inside Gatherings Should be silent:

Singing, shouting, and screaming at home is not recommended because the neighbors may disturb by this. Plan things accordingly and have fun in other ways. The relatives who are ill are more valnerable and can get the virus and infected easily. Ask them don’t come because of their safety. Mostly the elders should not attend the gatherings and Christmas parties.


We all have to fight against this novel virus, till the vaccination come to the market. Traveling outstations, sitting, and roaming in public places is not recommended. The surface and air both can carry the virus and can infect you.


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